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  1. Mach E Rattle Issue

    I have two Chevy Volts, one 9 yrs old, and neither rattles.
  2. GM and EVgo announce network expansion

    Well, I wanna be able to drive to Chicago, charge while I visit and then drive home!
  3. Iorio with yet another tease

    I hope you can turn the graphics off! I want a still viewing area, but still be able to use all drive modes.
  4. 'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    Just seems to me that engine noise is ’so last century’. A pretend noise for those who want to pretend they have old technology. But, to each his own.
  5. 'Audio wizardry' with optional engine noise / sound in Mach-E cabin

    I have two Chevy Volts and over these 9 years of ownership have never tired of the quiet. Engine noise is noise!!! My newest Volt at low speeds makes a sound for pedestrians, but I cannot hear it. I want my MME to be nice and quiet. 🤗
  6. Mach E energy consumption

    Yes, in the worst winter Michigan conditions, I lost up to 40%of range when very cold and lots of snow.
  7. Delivery Date Moved to Q1 2021

    Given difficulties of totally new vehicle rollout and the uncertainties of covid-19, I am quite sure that Ford can at best give only a rough estimate of when vehicles will be available. The idea that people expect vehicles to be produced in the sequence ordered seems strange to me. I expect...
  8. Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    NO ADM at Galesburg Ford in Michigan and spoke personally with the owner.
  9. Mach E energy consumption

    On premium awd, about 3 miles/kwh. Based on owning two Volts, range varies a lot with driving condition:temp, speed, rain, snow on the ground, stop and go vs no braking. It liked country roads, with gentle hills at about 70 degrees and 45mph best and exceeded advertised range then. At...
  10. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    mache 4x order0628, infinite blue, premium awd, extended