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  1. UK Customers

    Looks like they are building them before confirmations from the customer. But will that be for all the uk preorders or just the early ones?
  2. UK Customers

    Happy days are here again!
  3. UK Customers

    That is purely a coincidence! Not!
  4. UK Customers

    Thanks Scott
  5. UK Customers

    Am I right in thinking we'll now be contacted on the 15th to confirm our orders instead of this week?
  6. UK Customers

    I pre-ordered in October and hope you all get yours asap if you have waited a year or so.
  7. UK Customers

    Me too, the black is outstanding
  8. Remoted controlled parking

    I assume 'enhanced' parking assist meant auto parking
  9. UK Customers

    What was that calculation used to estimae pre orders? 800 dealers are accepting preorders and then * that by the number estimated per site? Or was it 80 dealers?
  10. UK Customers

    Charming !
  11. UK Customers

    No-one has said you're a liar and the responses are based on what we already know. In future would you prefer no opinions? I doubt it.
  12. MachE in November 28th NY Times!

    Great design for the article, cheers
  13. UK Customers

    I think this dealer was just being a car salesperson with his/her dates. 'by' 1st May can also mean anything.
  14. UK Mach -e Finance Calculator Offline

    you're still waiting to convert your order and in the US? That is depressing, I thought all the US orders had by now been converted and build dates assigned. Are you a late reserver?
  15. UK Mach -e Finance Calculator Offline

    I got an email today about " Unlock the full potential of your Mustang Mach-E with FordPass*. The app lets you pair your phone with FordPass Connect, the onboard modem. Once linked, you’ll have access to a host of features designed to make your ownership experience effortless"
  16. UK Customers

    U might mean something like unconfirmed
  17. Quit subsidizing PHEVs, they're 'fake electric cars,' climate group says

    I'm not aware of price incentives but company car tax is a lot lower for a kuga plug in hybird compare to a pure petrol one.
  18. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    Ok! Are they building the cars and then parking them up for months as the ship is booked for march/april!
  19. Dutch people that ordered a Mach-E?

    That's how long the ship takes?