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  1. T_to the_A

    Order status page - confusing updates

    Totally agree with your statement of browser choice. I like to surf this forum on my iPad or iphone which works perfectly. If I then decide to check on MY Mach-e order status the website seems to cooperate about 50% of the time, but even when it does it’s not very functional (ie...
  2. T_to the_A

    11/06/2020 My First Ride Along in the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E!

    Lucky you! Cannot wait to get behind the wheel & on the road. sounds like at LEAST a month before that’s going to happen for me. thanks for great post!
  3. T_to the_A

    Impressions and photos from washington state, Seattle 11/15 Kirkland Ford

    Gautum Thanks for all the great pix. I was there for about 45 mins Friday, and went back early Sat morn w/ my family. I am VERY excited, and very much appreciate what I’ve now read was a concerted effort on the part of F.o.K. to facilitate this showing. It was quite nice to be able to just...
  4. T_to the_A

    First Public Showing Of Mach-E @ Ford of Kirkland, 11/13/2020 to 11/15/2020

    Hi AJ, no longer a lurker! Went back Sat w/ my wife and son. They were extremely impressed. little to no interaction from the Ford folks both days, no biggie! Very glad I saw IB Metallic in person, VERY HAPPY to stick w/ SB. nice to chat with you there. Cheers - Todd