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  1. Order status page - confusing updates

    exactly. so something is going on with the site, or you need to force refresh the page?? as for scheduled for production, my guess is there are states between place order, scheduled for production and actual production. all I know is, things are moving along faster than I anticipated.
  2. Order status page - confusing updates

    On order page, under Order Details, then look under your dealer name. I could have sworn this was only 3 line items before. My order page is now updated to "scheduled for production" as well.
  3. Order status page - confusing updates

    Ok, just talked to the dealer. The website must be out of whack or something. Dealer says they are still only working with the original $500. On a plus side, the car has been scheduled and they should have a production date for me next week. They are thinking a late Jan or Feb delivery, but...
  4. Order status page - confusing updates

    Something I just noticed $7,500 is a listed dealer deposit on my view, I already paid the $500, not sure what this is. Dealer Deposit: This is the deposit your Dealer will receive to process your order. Your Dealer Deposit will be applied towards the purchase price of the Vehicle. By paying a...
  5. First impressions, videos, pics from Mach-E Road Show in Vermont

    Curios if anyone can compare getting in/out of the Mach-e vs a 2020 Alitma. The Altima seats squish in, so when I get out I need to use the foot sill for leverage.
  6. Checking out alternatives

    Went to VW to get info on ID4.. Talked to manager and was told they were hoping for 25,000 reservations, but only 5000 were in as of Oct 9th. Assumed US reservations. Manger mentioned they were hoping for reservations like the Mach-E, but guessing it's not panning out. I'm not too confident...
  7. Tire wear / rotation on Mach-E and other EVs

    Do EV's have some sort of creep mode where the car can start a slow roll when the brake is released?
  8. Submitted Orders # Tracking List and Stats [Enter Yours]

    order submitted, and accepted Premium Extended AWD