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  1. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    I definitely agree. I have said in the past that I suspect Ford is being very conservative. This may especially be true if they spent 2 years with focus groups, tearing down Tesla cars and going to the hits and misses with fine tooth comb. Why go through all of that trouble and investment of...
  2. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Thank you for pointing this out. The article notes that the Mach E has a WLTP range of 600km (or 370 miles). The Model 3 performance model has an EPA range of 310 miles (vs. 338 European miles). Can we extrapolate that this means if the Mach E AWD extended range car could have an EPA range...
  3. Steve Hammes New Car Reviews

    Hey there. I came across this video and am currently listening to it.. Originally found on Bing search and when i clicked on the link, it said it was deleted. It looks like it was a pre-launch media presentation. Enjoy
  4. Mach-E will have OTA Updates

    I agree. The OTA update of every system on the car would be great if we didn't have worry about cybercriminals out there. I would rather my radio be affected than my drive/power train while i am driving. Ford did indicate that they are continuing to develop the features and will implement...
  5. Mach-E First Appearance in Norway

    I definitely like the music score that went with the video.

    II wish too. But that's 418km, not miles. 😂😂😂
  7. The TFLNow boys with the Mach-E

    It looks like Bjorn Nyland got a last minute sneak peak too. He seemed somewhat impressed so far.
  8. The TFLNow boys with the Mach-E

    I am SO excited right now. Thank you for sharing this video. I really love the look and color and definitely appreciate seeing in close up, far shots and moving. It is good perspective knowing the announcers height of 6'2". I am 6'.
  9. Upgrade Next Football Season’s Tailgates With Mustang Mach-E’s Frunk

    I agree with the above comments. The staged videos/photos of the uses are totally unrealistic -- unless it was made for outrageously comical commercial. A more realistic depiction would have been ziplocked food and bottles and cans sitting on ice being chilled. That said, it is great to see...
  10. Excellent Q&A with Ford/Mach-E Electric Vehicle Engineer

    I am with you on ground clearance from the seating or sitting position. The published dimensions of this car is similar to the BMW X4 or Audi Q5 with both being about an inch taller. This seems good to me as someone used to driving an Explorer. Until I see it in person, I plan to go to both...

    I cannot recall now, but I don't believe it was a color option for the First Edition trim -- white, grabber blue and rapid red. I reserved the FE to get the car as early as possible.

    I reserved the rapid red because infinite blue was not an option for me. I do agree that the red felt right to me.
  13. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    This discussion thread has been quite illuminating. It seems to me that just like ICE, there will be a variety of options to meet the specific requirements of buyers. I understand that efficiency, range, speed of charging, 0-60 stats are important factors and should be considered. I mean why...
  14. Mach-E at Houston Auto Show

    Thank you for sharing. This is a stunning walkaround view of the Mach. I definitely liked that we could see people surrounding and standing near the car. It give a great perspective I had been seeking. I cannot wait for it to show up in the NY tri-state area so I can go take a look myself.
  15. Prototype Mach-E (in Rapid Red Metallic) showed up at work today

    This is AWESOME these great pictures!!! This is the color I selected for my reservation. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Mach-E on January dealer tour in Germany

    This is great news for you out there in Germany. If possible, please take wider view photos of the Mach-e with people standing around it. Most photos are close up or angular so it is hard to get a good perspective of what the car looks like if you are 6' tall standing next to it. Good luck...
  17. A trio of Mach-Es charging at Electrify America. Silver sighting!

    Dang! Wish that video clip was longer... Thanks for sharing though.
  18. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I pretty much agree with all previous comments. I love the look. I think the price to value proposition with the Mach e is great. There are areas that I think are weaker (super charging network and several years of improvement) than the standard bearer Tesla, but they are not deal breakers...
  19. Ford Mustang Mach-E will be coming to the San Diego Int'l Auto Show

    It was all wishful thinking on my part. The NY Auto Show is pretty big as well. I was/am just hoping I can get to see the Mach e in person in my area as soon as possible. I am will to drive within 100 miles to check it out. I will keep on the look out and share if I find anything also.
  20. Ford Mustang Mach-E will be coming to the San Diego Int'l Auto Show

    I live in NYC. Is the car confirmed to be on display at the Philly auto show in February? If so, I will definitely make plans to come down to say it. I dont want to wait until it comes to the NY Auto Show in April...:D:D:D