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  1. Calvin4000

    Mach e going to Europe before US! :(

    Would I be lucky for once to live in Switzerland, that is not in EU but still in Europe... ?! Wait and see... ;)
  2. Calvin4000

    UK public debut of Mach-E announced for Feb 14-21

    Booked a flight, I’m definitely going.. 😊
  3. Calvin4000

    Photos of the Mach-E in Europe (Netherlands)!

    Thanks... I suppose I'm going to fly to London then.... ;)
  4. Calvin4000

    Photos of the Mach-E in Europe (Netherlands)!

    Not too far from Switzerland then.... ;) Is it a Netherlands Auto Show open to the public ?
  5. Calvin4000

    First Edition Mach-E Reservations Are Officially Full - Here Are The Stats

    Still available in Switzerland... ;) in French, sorry for that.....
  6. Calvin4000

    Free Giveaway: Mustang Mach-E T-Shirt / Hoodie

    No FB account anymore.... but Twitter and First Edition ok 👍🏼
  7. Calvin4000

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi folks... I live in Switzerland and I placed a reservation for a red first edition, as we still have some availability around here... it will be my first EV.... It seems I can find more info in this forum than at my dealer’s, great....