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  1. AceSpades

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Welcome my fellow Mustang owner! Sounds like you'll be selling the GT in favor of the Mach-E? That's a big leap! And that's a testament to the appeal of the Mach-E that you work for Tesla but chose to buy the Mach-E. 👍
  2. AceSpades

    Ford Mustang Mach-E will be coming to the San Diego Int'l Auto Show

    Doh wish I knew about this earlier so I could take a few days off for the road trip. Anyone planning on going??
  3. AceSpades

    First Edition Mach-E Reservations Are Officially Full - Here Are The Stats

    So why not disclose the number? Competitive reasons? Don't want the inevitable "how many people who reserved ended up actually buying" ?
  4. AceSpades

    Mach-E as a Pony Car

    The chicken or the egg hmmm.... FWIW i think it actually looks better than the base Mustang in many ways
  5. AceSpades

    Mach-E aftermarket parts request thread

    I know the huge Mustang aftermarket are licking their chops at the arrival of the Mach-E. I figure we should let them know which parts we'd like to see most. I'm definitely going to be swapping wheels and suspension. also interested in what ideas they can come up with for the front/rear...
  6. AceSpades

    Good read: The Mustang Mach-E Is a Litmus Test and All of Us Failed

    Bark’s Bites: The Mustang Mach-E Is a Litmus Test and All of Us Failed November 19, 2019 I’m so glad that the collective internet reacted calmly and rationally to the launch of the...
  7. AceSpades

    Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

    I was hoping this was the case! I was impressed by what I saw from the screen and SYNC in the Mach-E debut event last night. Unless I didn't catch it, they didn't say if it's SYNC 5 or some other SYNC spinoff version maybe? Anyone know?
  8. AceSpades

    Watch the Live Stream Here: 2021 Mustang Mach-E Reveal

    That was a well done presentation they obviously put a lot of effort into it. The models all looked great. I'm playing with the online builder now - for a GT :)
  9. AceSpades

    First real life photos of Mach-E Exterior and Interior!

    There’s no orange color listed at Could this just Rapid Red but with the white balance really off?
  10. AceSpades

    Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model Y

    So you've been able to get seat time in the interior of two cars not yet on the market? Do tell! :rolleyes:
  11. AceSpades

    "Mustang" Mach-E Confirmed! Reservations Open Nov 17th Starting with limited First Edition

    The lighting elements look sharp and super modern. Thing's gonna be a looker!
  12. AceSpades

    We Digitally Reveal the 2021 Mach E From Latest Spy Pics!

    Looks accurate and true to life you guys got some skills. The front reminds me of the first generation Model S before it lost its grille which I prefer anyway to the sealed-mouth look of the current model. And between these colors I'd be torn between a blue and white Mach E. I'm. more of a...
  13. AceSpades

    Sync 4 Coming to Select 2020 Ford Models

    Nice I like what I seeing! It's a good thing we'll have a just updated Sync version when the Mach E launches. Imagine launching such an advanced car with a 5-year old Sync 3... it'd make the car feel instantly somewhat aged.
  14. AceSpades

    Ford Mach E may be RWD!

    Ford keeps pushing the fact that it's a "performance" EV so I have little doubt it's going to have awesome 0-60 and quarter mile numbers. But I'm hoping for Tesla and Taycan levels of acceleration, not BMW and Jag, which only hit mid 4 second 0-60 with their i8 and I-Pace EVs. Those are...
  15. AceSpades

    Anyone have a deposit down for Mach E?

    Curious if anyone actually have a deposit down for a Mach E yet? I know it hasn't even been revealed yet but that usually doesn't stop people from putting down refundable deposits (nor dealers from accepting them) just to be first in line at their dealer.
  16. AceSpades

    Official: Mach E Will Be Revealed November 17! + Video Teaser

    Ya that looks really sleek but look at how much headroom you'd lose compared to the actual Mach E roofline. I like the little spoiler overhang pictured in the official teaser, hope it extends out pretty aggressively on the real thing.
  17. AceSpades

    Best Mach E Rendering?

    Aww man can't just blue ball us like that. Post up an image or at least describe it?