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  1. Ford released Mach-E ordering/reservation numbers and take rate in SoCal

    Ford Mustang Mach-E: Dealers Snubbed In Favor Of Online Ordering Nearly all reservations so far have been made online. Eric Loveday Reports are suggesting that almost nobody (at least in the Southern California region) is ordering the Ford Mustang Mach-E from dealers. No surprise there, since...
  2. A look at Mach-E sequential tail light turn signal in action

    Is it me or are both sides lighting up?
  3. Mach-E Will Share Battery Cells with Transit Van To Be Profitable

    Ford Mach E's battery cell sharing with Transit van will help profitability Nick Gibbs Ford has said that every Mustang Mach E electric SUV it sells will make money for the company. The secret of its confidence? Sharing battery cells with the upcoming electric Transit van, thereby ensuring...
  4. Garmin Technology Will Be Native in Mach-E Sync System

    Was just about to post this. I know they mentioned this during CES, did they also preview it on the Mach-E?
  5. Bloomberg interviews Ford CTO about Mach-E

    Here is a video as Ken Washington (Chief Technology Officer at Ford) was interviewed on Bloomberg and discussed how the Mach-E is an inflection point for EV's, how they use customer data etc...
  6. Forbes Article Surveys Buyers: Mach-E Mustang or Tesla Model Y

    It has a small sample survey. I found it interesting the reasons people stated for why they prefer Ford or Tesla. Orders For Ford Mustang Mach-E Sets Stage For All-American Fight With Tesla Model Y Brooke Crothers 37,526 viewsJan 5, 2020, 06:26am Ford Mustang Mach-E. Credit: Ford The Tesla...
  7. Mach E Preview Event in The Netherlands

    Nice, any other details for the preview event? Did they include an image or other info?
  8. Will Ford build different Mach-E body styles (2 door etc)?

    Not to stoke rumors but Ford actually didn't say no baby Mach-E unless I missed it. They said - “There are no plans to offer an all-electric Mustang based on VW’s MEB architecture. We remain on track to offer one MEB-based fully electric car for our European customers and are considering a...
  9. Pictures of Mach E Prototype - Trev9667 on Youtube

    Interesting that most of the prototypes spotted so far have been Euro spec. I expected to see a bunch of US versions in different colors since the reveal. How much longer until we see those?
  10. Will Ford build different Mach-E body styles (2 door etc)?

    Ford seems to be going the direction of having the Mustang and other vehicles (like Bronco) spawn an entire line of models/sub-models with different body types. Will we see a smaller 2 door Mach-E at some point or is the Mach-E strictly going after the Model Y? If they did would anyone buy...
  11. Which Battery and Powertrain Did You Reserve?

    Beyond the votes I'm really curious WHY people chose the standard vs extended battery and RWD vs AWD. I'm going back and forth so it would help to hear other's thoughts on this. I'm considering having this be our only vehicle so range will be important even if we don't do extended drives/road...