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  1. zhackwyatt

    Everything we wanted to know----Complete Information

    Information posted elsewhere has said the interior noise can be turned off. The exterior wouldn't be due to regulations.
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    Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    It's stated somewhere else that this a white car that has been wrapped.
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    Wanna watch Tesla Fanboys start making a fool of themselves?

    Human nature I guess. Apple is the Tesla of the computer world and its the same thing there. Politics are also similar I think.
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    Prototype Mach-E (in Rapid Red Metallic) showed up at work today

    So it doesn't match after you repainted the whole door, or you didn't repaint the door?
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    PRNDL on the prototype

    Thanks all. Sounds like it really is just a personal preference thing. I've heard multiple times it was more efficient with regen, and like I stated earlier, that doesn't make sense to me given that pressing on the brake doesn't mean using the brake pads. I drove my friends Model 3 for about...
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    Ford Reiterates Deliveries of First Edition or Premium Mach-E Expected Late This Year. GT Will Arrive Summer 2021

    I understand that. But the discussion started off by saying I'm saying we always knew that.
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    PRNDL on the prototype

    LOL, please don't be too lazy to hit that break in an emergency!
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    Will the Mach-E Succeed? Teslanomics Ben Sullins Interview with Darren Palmer

    I think those technologies also lend themselves to a faster development cycle.
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    How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    How do they do that? My understanding is that they have very limited control. Some draconian state laws still won't allow Tesla to sell direct.
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    Ford Charger

  11. zhackwyatt

    Ford Charger

    Yeah, my current plan is to mount a NEMA 14-50 to the ceiling in the middle of the garage. I think that will give me the most flexibility.
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    Ford Charger

    My electrician quoted 6 awg, 50 amp breaker. For a run of about 20 feet.
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    PRNDL on the prototype

    I'm desperate for an explanation of why one-pedal driving is so awesome. I wrote this on the other forum but the thread died: Where am I going wrong?
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    Ford v. Trump

    How many times are you going to put words in my mouth? When did I say this: "government policy for common good was not the way to go"? You asked me a question and, again, I refuse to answer it. I have no desire debating the subject with someone who has already accused me of having certain...
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    Crash test results- when does this become public knowledge?

    When I was following the C-Max closely, I seem to remember a person who had their car taken by the government on the way to the dealer. I think they do that so the manufactures can't play games with the cars if they knew it was for crash testing.
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    Ford v. Trump

    The only suggestion I have made (and the only reason that I have commented in the first place) is that it's worth listening to the viewpoints of others instead of outright dismissing them. I haven't come here to argue policy or other details. I think that would be a complete waste of my time...
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    Ford v. Trump

    That's your opinion, and I didn't even say anything about a "free market". You also proved my point. You've already dismissed my entire viewpoint without even willing to hear it.
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    Ford v. Trump

    Sigh, I don't want to get political. And I certainly don't want to defend Trump either. But people can disagree on government involvement or the way it is involved in things without wanting to "increase" or "accelerate" anything. I'm against the Federal tax credit and the EPA. That doesn't...
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    How Ford is Planning For a Smooth Mach-E Launch

    I don't think your opinion is unreasonable, but I don't think Ford's actions at this point have been unreasonable either. They usually don't develop cars in the open. I followed the Chevy Volt launch and it was much the same. Dribbles of info few and far between.