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  1. Shihear

    Mustang Mach E is a Gamechanger - Here is Why (vs TESLA)

    Bravo. A Tesla owner with objectivity, you are a rare breed. 👍 Thank you for sharing your extensive thoughts. I had considered a Tesla but the lack of service centers and how backed up they all are really dissuaded me. I've heard of months long waits for replacement parts too. Someone I know...
  2. Shihear

    Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Yes, per the first post: The Mach-E made its UK debut in a stunning satin blue color, but we do not yet know the color name nor its availability. We'll share that info as soon as we know. I love it! Hopefully this is the one yet unannounced color that Ford talked about at the LA reveal: Our Q&A...
  3. Shihear

    Mach-E Bang & Olufsen (B&O) sound system wins iF Design Award Elegant design and unbridled performance have found their meeting place; the B&O sound system in the all-new Ford Mustang Mach-E. A fabric covered speaker array takes center stage...
  4. Shihear

    Garmin Technology Will Be Native in Mach-E Sync System

    The cloud-based mapping and routing if paired with real-time traffic data for route planning will remove a major advantage held by smartphone navigation apps (Google & Apple). So if the nav system is able to highlight available charging stations and account for battery range limitations in route...
  5. Shihear

    A trio of Mach-Es charging at Electrify America. Silver sighting!

    Yes, a better look at the silver Mach-E would have been nice. Rare color so far.
  6. Shihear

    400+ mile range on the Larger HVB of the Mach E is doable? Yes!

    That's promising to see but highly optimistic IMO. If it were capable of 400+ miles, Ford would have advertised the 400 number instead of 300 miles that's been used in the Mach-E marketing. The companies always advertise the most optimistic mileage figures for their EVs.
  7. Shihear

    If the Mustang is the S550, S650, what is the Mach E program name?

    Anyone know the program name of the Mach E? There must be one even for an EV right? I assume the life cycle will be different so it won't get refreshes and redesign at the same time as the "regular" Mustang.
  8. Shihear

    Is Ford Sandbagging the Mach-E's Performance Specs?

    Yea manufacturers usually wait for EPA certification before announcing official MPG figures.
  9. Shihear

    Article: Mach-E Buzz Bringing in New Customers, Mustang, and F-150 Owners

    "We've never seen high traffic to our website for a reveal. This one is really off the charts." And that's why the Mach-E is so vital for the future commercial viability of Ford Motor Co. This car and the electric F-150 are key.
  10. Shihear

    First Edition Mach-E Have Already Sold Out

    That's great news. I wonder how many total First Edition models were made available for reservation and how many more first year models remain available.
  11. Shihear

    Updated: Black Mach-E Spotted in Florida (Exterior and Interior Closeups)

    Wow the Mach E looks great in black. I can imagine it'll look great all blacked out just like that first pic.
  12. Shihear

    Ford Performance Parts for Mach E

    Just watched this video and it sounds like Ford has plans to offer performance upgrades since the know how much Mustang owners like to modify.
  13. Shihear

    Carbonized Gray Mach-E video

    Beautiful color. Looks great with black badges and smoked lights.
  14. Shihear

    Road and Track: The Ford Mustang Mach-E Is Not Built for Sustained Track Performance

    Yea if it didn't handle well you can bet they wouldn't have put it on a slalom at the reveal event and give rides to auto journalists. Just cuz you can't keep launching the Mach-E without performance degradation doesn't mean it won't be a great handling car.
  15. Shihear

    Mach-E Factory Wheels - First Look

    I'm a fan of the GT ones. They don't look as designed-for-efficiency as most EV wheels.
  16. Shihear

    Default power split for Mach-E GT dual motors is 30/70 front/rear currently

    Good info. But why can't it ever be split 0/100? And 30/70 is default split for the GT but will the split be variably adjusted on the fly depending on traction requirements?
  17. Shihear

    2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    Replacement parts is a huge issue for Teslas. They provide good service for issues that don’t require new parts but if you do you’re SOL for a while.
  18. Shihear

    Mach-E Exterior and Interior Videos

    This will be the first EV with a decent aftermarket. And probably also Ford Performance Parts. I think we’ll see a good number of builds at next year’s SEMA too.
  19. Shihear

    First real life photos of Mach-E Exterior and Interior!

    I wouldn't worry about the clear tails. My bet this is a EU version, just like with the S550. I think these latest pics look MUCH better than the first leak. It looks less bulbous and awkward.