ABRP?! Ford Pass app?! LA, MS, DFW chargers?!


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Oct 8, 2022
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I have been using ABRP for a couple of long trips now and MAYBE its me, but here's my gripes about it. First of all, I would log into the ABRP website with my ABRP premium account and plan out a drive there and save. Saving is a joke, unless I am missing something. There is no SAVE button per se. And when you save a trip and open it again, sometimes, the trip is rerouted and not the same anymore; WTH is that?! One assumes when you save a trip, at least save it in the state you created it and then if one needs to adjust anything, e.g. SOC, date of departure or time, THEN yeah change the route as it should!

I find that this anomaly of saved trips is also evident when I pull up the mobile app. It's even worse trying to save a trip in the mobile app.

Now I do not have the plug in device that sends data to the ABRP app, and yes I do know that it helps tremendously if one has it but for now, I have decided not to use it.

And finally, when one gets to the charger destination and after charging up, the app freezes and whenever it recovers or when I relaunch the mobile app in my phone, it tells me to go back to the charger and it takes a while for it to realize I am moving on?!?! There should be a button that says hey dummy app, I have charged as needed so lets move on.

Now for the most part the nav in the ME is fairly OK. And I am not sure if it recognizes other non-Electrify America chargers or not.

Forget Louisianna and Mississippi. At least for MEs. Why are they so behind on those states for EV chargers? And Dallas/Ft Worth have 1, count them one, Electrify America charger? Really?

Sorry to kinda ramble here. We just had a frustrating drive from FL to TX. We wanted to visit family in LA but forget that. We would have been stranded if we did. We had to turn around from MS back down to south LA and travel thru I-10 so we can get to Dallas?! Arghh.

And yes, we planned a trip with ABRP and double check it but that failed miserably once we stop in Jackson, MS and recheck it again on the way to Monroe, LA.

What a pain. YES, our EVs are great commuter cars with garage charging, but long trips? hmm there's a lot left to be desired. Certain states are just way behind and they need to be avoided.

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