BlueOval Electrify America Membership - Not working at the moment!


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Jan 11, 2021
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So not sure if anyone else has experienced this, but the BlueOval Electrify America Membership that is basically $50/year to match the rates your get with EA Pass + was released last month, I immediately signed up and paid the $50, only to realize that after charging I still am being billed the same $0.43/KWH rate I was before and not the $0.31/KWH rate I expected.

I reached out to ford, and after being transfered all around and waiting on hold for 45 minutes to get to the right person, I was told that this is a known issue from Ford for certain VIN's and they do not have a resolution but will email me once they have resolution, I asked if I would get a refund for the overages, an extension of the membership for the months it wasn't working, or charging credits in repayment and was told across the board that they don't have an answer or planned fix at this time and I would just need to wait until they have resolution. So basically if you pay $50 for the membership, it may not work for you and ford may not do anything to fix it and make you whole. I wish I had just kept P&C off and stayed with pass+ at this point.

Ranty part below:

Ford needs to get their head out of the sand and start having their employees driver these vehicles as their own so they learn the frustrations we have as consumers, everything feels like an alpha or early beta that I paid $60k to enter. I have had my vehicle since February 21' and so far none of the features I expected or were promised have been delivered, the car has spent 25+ days in the shop, I have spent probably 20 or more hours on phone support with ford, been assigned 5 different "Customer reps" who ultimately didn't resolve anything, and honestly just getting a bit sick of it. I love EV, and overall the Mach-e is a great package, but dealing with ford support is an all to common and frustrating thing, ford really needs to have a specialty support team dedicated to all their early EV's. Their rollout of these vehicles has been laughable at best, they are ruining an excellent vehicle by not communicating well, and not providing a high level of customer support. I have a Rivian on order (mach-e is the wifes, rivian will be mine) and while I won't get it until next year, their customer support is already miles ahead of ford, I reach out to them and the actually give me answers rather then transfer me 10x and then end the discussion by saying they aren't sure or some other BS. there is 0% chance that I will order another ford EV based off what I am seeing today, and honestly I give them another year to fix things before we just decide to heck with it and sell the Mach-e for something else.