Do we absolutely need a wall charger at home?


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Nov 25, 2019
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Thanks - I got the outlet orientation correct (round ground plug on top), but now confused about the added benefits that comes with purchasing the the two year comp fast, decisions decisions
I get the feeling that when the editors cut the video down to three minutes, they left out a pause and maybe a video or slide to change topics.

They talked about the optional connected charger ($800).

Then they talked about the 2 years of FordPass Charging Network access. That access is included when you activate FordPass with the new vehicle. It's unrelated to the optional charger accessory.

And importantly, it's not FREE charging. It's 2 years subscription to the charging network, which makes L3 charging while travelling a bit simpler and possibly a bit less expensive, too.

After two years, there will be a subscription fee (unknown amount) if you prefer to keep using that service.

I don't think they mentioned in this video, but there's one more benefit thrown in with the new vehicle activation, which is 250 kWh of charging on the Electrify America charging network. That's about 2-3 fill ups worth, I think.