FordPass Android - Battery Drain (sort of solved)


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Jan 29, 2022
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I have been experiencing abnormal battery drain on my Android phone (S21 Ultra) since installing FordPass. I have long suspected that FordPass was the problem, but it didn't show up in the usage graphs as causing issues, so it took me longer to isolate that it was the problem, and determine how to make it stop. Unfortunately, this isn't a costless solution because it stops PAAK from working seamlessly. Raising here because it seems like the kind of thing that Ford could fix, if it did things a little differently.

I think the problem is that when FordPass is "Phone As A Key trying to connect to your vehicle", it is keeping the phone from entering a low power state. This would explain why it doesn't show up as a high usage app in the battery graphs. The way I "solved" this is by force-stopping FordPass in previous version, or "canceling" the notification on the latest (maybe this was an option before, but I don't remember it being there). Both have brought the battery life back to where it was pre-FordPass, but the cost is that I need to launch FordPass to get PAAK to work with my car.

This "solution" isn't ideal, but since I'm not messing with the car 24/7, it's tolerable, but I would hope that Ford could come up with something that strikes a better balance b/w functionality and mobile battery life.