Initial thoughts on my Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E


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Nov 18, 2019
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Roanoke, VA
2018 BMW i3, Mach-E First Edition
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Initial thoughts on my Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E
Arrived at my dealer VERY dirty and with 25 miles on the odometer. There was a TON of brown dust throughout the car’s interior and even under the “sealed” frunk. I’m to believe my car was tested around the plant with the windows and frunk open at points. It cleaned up well enough but is a little sad to know that many could be in that state for such a long period. Most wouldn’t even see this as their dealer would detail before delivery, but I gave instructions to my dealer to do no cleaning or detailing of any kind, and I’m happy they honored my request (well, hey, less work for them so I’m sure they were more than happy to oblige).
Built VERY well. It looks and feels very solid. No panels gaps or other common build issues that I have found so far. I did find one scratched area of the plastic way under the dash, not visible unless you’ve got your head down in the floor.

The interior is very plush. Definitely “premium car” vibes for me, though not quite on the level of luxury. Seats are super comfortable to me, though I agree with others that having only one height adjustment point is rather lame. I’m still futzing with the “perfect” steering wheel/seat placement for myself.

The instrument cluster screen is far closer to the wheel than I had imagined. My Mach-E is the first I’ve sat in, before I’d only seen the GT model at the Washington Auto show from afar. I can’t find a suitable steering wheel/seating position where the driver display isn’t at least a little obstructed by the wheel. It’s not a big deal, and in practice doesn’t cause any issues.

Good cross between comfort/sportiness in my opinion. I’m not a driving dynamic pro, so I don’t have a ton to say here other than that I love driving it. It accelerates quickly and handles well.

Here’s some “range” info from my commute to work. My journey is almost all highway, around 60-70MPH speeds with two 45-50 areas in there with stoplights, and about two miles of 25-35MPH speeds. Decent hills throughout the commute.

Started at 100% SOC (Est range of 222 miles) and the car had preconditioned to the “Medium” setting (it was pretty warm inside) in my garage. Set the HVAC to 66 (“E-Heat” was on), heated steering wheel on, and heated seat to low. Outside temps were 22-24F the whole way.

Car reported a 45.4mile trip in 53min, 2.7 mi/kWh consumption. Ended at 85% SOC.

Wireless Phone Charging
I use an iPhone 12 Pro without a case. Unfortunately, it does slide a bit on the wireless charging mat and eventually stops charging. Those with cases, especially TPU, may not have issues since it’ll grab to the rubber mat better.

On my morning commute (48 miles) my phone started at 57% battery. I was using Wireless Apple Carplay and the phone was charging on the mat, though I had to reposition it around 5 times. I ended with 60% battery life. This is good news, since I was concerned that using Wireless Carplay (Waze, Youtube Music going) would drain the battery faster than the stock charger could keep up with. If there were a 12V outlet near the charging mat area, I’d probably look at setting up a Magsafe charger there (15W magsafe charging requires 20W USB C power-delivery, I very highly doubt the Mach-E's USB C port would put out that much power). I may still look into a magsafe option, just so that the phone will stay in place.

I did an unscientific wired phone charging test with my Klein USB meter - Plugged it into the USB C port of the Mach-E and into my iPhone 12 Pro via USB C to Lightning. Phone was around 40% battery. Pulled around 11W of power.


Infotainment/Sync 4A/Tech
First off, I’ll say that Sync4A as it stands is “okay”. It didn’t blow me away or anything, but it functions just fine, for the most part. It’s decently snappy, though not exactly “smooth”. There’s a jittery-ness to tapping things and opening menu’s that could be smoothed out to make the experience feel better.

TONS of options, which like others, I love. Some will find it overwhelming.

I did experience one larger issue with Syn4A where it reverted my screen mode back to “Light” (I had set it to Dark), and then wouldn’t accept any of my settings changes across the board (tapping any setting and changing it didn’t actually do anything). I restarted the system by holding down the Right Seek and Volume Up button on the steering wheel, as found out by another member of the forum. That fixed the issue and it hasn’t come back since.

I also had some audio distortions happen twice on my commute with Carplay (playing music from Youtube Music). I’d never experienced this on my i3 using Wireless Carplay. Hopefully it doesn’t continue.

Here's my Sync system info for reference (same revision as @hybrid2bev ):

I haven’t been able to get this to work reliably enough for me to feel comfortable. There’s too much of a delay in the car recognizing my phone is present. Hopefully they’ll be working on this since they’ve made it clear they want you using it. I’ve posted my experience about this in a more dedicated thread.

I've also posted my thoughts on FordPass in a more dedicated thread. It needs some work...

Electrical Noise/Whine from Instrument Cluster Screen
I’ve made a separate thread about this issue. I will hopefully be visiting another Mach-E today to confirm it’s not in that one, and going to my dealership to discuss.

Here's some pictures from delivery - Haven't had a good change to take anything nice since cleaning her up, nasty weather outside yesterday.










And some from in my garage, I've posted elsewhere: