Mach-E GT on Signature Wheel Track Series SV502

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Feb 18, 2021
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This past weekend was busy, but nevertheless productive.

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-7.jpg

With our new West Sacramento showroom open it has been pretty beneficial in providing a location for local enthusiasts to chill, and do work. I was fortunate to link up with Garry in his new Dark matter Gray Metallic Mach-E GT. This was the first one I had the chance to see in person and it did not disappoint.

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-6.jpg

The goal for the day was verifying wheel fitment with the larger braking system. I am happy to report that we had no issues getting the wheels to bolt right up, even with the larger calipers.

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-1.jpg

I had a couple sets of Mach-E wheels on hand, so we tested my track setup. 20x9.5 square rotatable Signature Wheel Track Series SV502. These are finished in Matte Bronze and worked well with the carbonized. A much simpler design over the OEM wheel aesthetic.

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-5.jpg

Enjoy the pics taken with my Nikon D750

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-2.jpg
SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-6.jpg

SV502 Mach-E GT Matte Bronze-4.jpg