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Jun 28, 2020
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2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid LE sedan
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Hello to all members!

I was born in New York, NY but have been living in Puerto Rico since 1962, escaping from the terrible winters. Now I live in a perpetual paradise, as long as hurricanes, earthquakes, and Sahara dust storms don't hit me too hard. I am a Ford fan since my Dad's 1957 Ford Taunus wagon (made in Germany), and I had a 1980 Ford Mustang (Fox body) with a 200 CI (3.3 L) inline six cylinder engine which I bought for my wife. Now I own a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid LE sedan which is my best vehicle with only one problem (a battery replacement last week after five and a half years!), and two recalls (steering bolt, and door latch). In these past five and a half yeas, the only maintenance it needs is an one a year oil and filter change. Everything else is still factory original. I love how simple the hybrid power train is (no belts or pulleys in the engine bay), how easy it is to check fluids (only engine coolant, brake fluid, and washer fluid), and how easy I get up to 54 MPG in a 3,800 pound mid sized sedan. Driving with electric power is extremely efficient and quiet.

As a retired Electrical Engineer, I am always interested in pure electrical power, and no more engine maintenance or gasoline buying. I have seen an electric Ford Focus wagon up close (I have one picture), but I need something lager that can be as useful as a CUV (like the Ford Escape) but as sporty as the Ford Fusion or Mustang. Now I am fully interested in the new Mach-E, reading about it on the web,, and watching the live presentation with Idris ELba. I found this Mach-E forum and read several of the posts, including how the ordering pages are open. So I decide to register and join today. Since my Fusion Hybrid gets paid off this September, I can probably wait until 2021 to order a 2022 model. Meanwhile I will save an estimated monthly payment and use this as a large down payment to buy my Mach-E next year or later.

So, as a retired EE, I am happy to answer questions and participate in discussions about the electric power trains, charging (I have built and installed my own Level 2 EVSE), and battery issues (I have none with my present Hybrid).

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