We're With Santa Christmas Donations & Screen ProTech Content Contest

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Jan 21, 2022
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Hello again Mach-E Enthusiasts!

During the holiday season, we love to give back to families in need!
We will donate $5 from each order to families in YOUR community!
But we need your help!

Please take the time to submit a family (on our website) that you know is struggling during this time of year! Saving your screens helps to save Christmas!

We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season, spending time with your families, and eating lots of treats!
As always, members of this forum can use code MACHE10 for 10% OFF their order as a special thank you for your warm welcome to this community!


Since we would much rather spend our marketing budget by giving back to the wonderful people in the automotive community, we are holding a content contest! Help spread the word about Screen ProTech for a chance to win $500! (contest rules below)

(Rules: No purchase necessary. Each entry has a value posted above. You can make multiple posts on any platform for multiple entries. To qualify, you MUST take a screen shot of the post and include name/handle, location of post, contact number, tag when applicable, and email to [email protected]. $500 will be sent as a Visa Gift Card. For further details, please email [email protected])

We look forward to seeing your amazing content and would love to connect with you all!

-The Screen ProTech Family
Not open for further replies.