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  1. Our Ongoing Nightmare

    Your experience spells misery. I'd probably have bailed on the whole situation by this point. Sorry you've had to endure all of this.
  2. Adding Interior Accent Lighting

    nice job! Although, if I tried that my car would probably be a wreck afterwards.
  3. Winters here Range Drop

    ouch. well this is exactly why a sub 250 normal rated range vehicle is hopefully something that we will see less and less of in the marketplace. Seems to me the new minimum should be 300, which would put you closer lo low 200's in dead of winter. Well either that of super duper ultra fast...
  4. BlueCruise - Why?

    manual steering -> power steering - > ver 1 adaptive cruise control - > blue cruise (or whatever other manufacturers call it) Basically they all are driver's assist to make it easier and safer, as long as you still pay attention. For tedious driving tasks it is very helpful. It has also saved...
  5. Latest OTA for GT PE

    In my experience, the only way to normally get the dealers to cover the update is if they think it might fix a bug or problem that you are having. Then they can get paid by Ford.
  6. Latest OTA for GT PE

    Based on my experience with my First Edition, I serioulsy doubt there will be any OTA for the GT for many months, and I doubt we will see the increased battery percentage at all. I hope I'm wrong, but the uneven trickle of updates so far was very disappointing. If recent build shipping with...
  7. Latest OTA for GT PE

    GT came with 1.7.6. Latest premium is 1.7.1 I believe.
  8. Estimated range dropping off a cliff

    Range drop in moderate cold (40-60) and conservative driving isn't that bad as long as you don't use the car's heater. But in 30's or less, be prepared to see a dive, especially if you do use the heater. That is why Ford reccomends heated seats and steering wheel as an alternative if you can...
  9. Customer Satisfaction Program 21P22 - Software Calibration Update

    I'm guessing the later builds don't need this since my GT Vin doesn't have anything pending.? Do the post June builds even have this issue? Is there some way to be sure?
  10. Considering buying a Select while waiting for GT order

    Well every car you buy is intended for selling or trading at some point. So what is it. A day, a week a month, 6 months, a year? I had ordered a GT in 2/20. So I bought at FE in February and traded in November. Of course I will take both tax incentives. I suppose if you are a car flipper of...
  11. Suggestions needed- charging etiquette

    the question comes to mind .... what the hell is wrong with people these days?
  12. Has anyone had the apps disappear off the tablet?

    yes, all the time they disappear, change around and sometimes come back on both my ME's.
  13. Mach E is Missing and No One Knows Where It Is

    Dealer can request a Ford track and trace at any time. Speak to the general manager and insist!