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    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    How odd, your post quotes me but I never wrote that.
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    Why do you buy an expensive wall charger unit for home when Ford gives you a 14-50 plug?

    As others have mentioned, government tax incentives and rebates make it very cheap to go the extra mile and get a dedicated L2 charger. More broadly, it’s also the convenience and future proofing of having a permanent install that can handle 48amps knowing battery electrics are here to stay and...
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    Someone opened my car! ¿How?

    I don't use walk away lock and can't comment on that. I do use PaaK and typically park in the street in front of my house. I also work from home. The car is maybe 30 or so feet away from my home office - I've been working from home the entire time I've had my Mach-E. It's very common, I'd say...
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    SM 49810 - Buzz Noise From The Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)

    Same here, it is definitely louder in dark mode. There previously was a discussion that the 4/10 brightness level in dark mode is the least worst setting for dark mode, and I agree with that and keep mine on that setting. But 4/10 dark mode is still pretty much worse than anything in light mode...
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    New EV incentive excludes loaded GTPE?

    I agree, the day of order does not count as the 'purchase' date, the date it arrives at the dealership and the paperwork is signed and the person drives off the lot is what counts. Thank you for clarifying. But even for 2022, I think it might change midyear if Congress does not pass the law in...
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    New EV incentive excludes loaded GTPE?

    Negative tax changes are also usually not done retroactively, so if you buy the GTPE at some point, and Congress later puts a cap on vehicle tax credit MSRP, I’d be really surprised if they write the law in such a way where the rug is pulled out from under you, and you can no longer claim a...
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    DCFC. How important to current EV owners?

    I personally am not much of a roadtripper. In fact, I haven’t had the need to L3 charge once in my seven months of ownership.
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    Comparison: Mach-e and I-Pace (2022)

    The biggest thing with Jaguar service is, because they sell comparatively slow compared to their competitors and have a bad reputation for unreliable cars (though I really don’t think this is fair for modern Jaguars), the company includes an extremely long complimentary service plan on every...
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    Thoughts and comparisons to the MachE after driving a Tesla Model 3 over the weekend.

    I agree about the Mach-E's seats - they really punch above their weight in comfort and outdo the seats on a lot of more expensive vehicles. I've been extremely happy with them.
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    BlueCruise almost here... are you in or out?

    Interesting how the email pitches the way in which people might use BlueCruise: "Equipped with a series of high‑tech cameras, the BlueCruise hands‑free highway driving experience allows your Ford vehicle to stay centered in your lane while handling stop‑and‑go traffic with confidence and...
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    Considering a Mach E vs E-Tron, Volvo, ID.4

    In terms of ride quality, I would check out an actual GT if you are still interested in the Mach-E GT. The Selects/Premiums/RT1s have a differently tuned suspension than the GTs, and the Performance Edition GTs are different still with the MagneRide dynamic suspension.
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    Rapid Red Mach-E GT delivered to house, FE taken away. PAAK finally works, and Frunk button in app works too!

    That sounds like a huge rip off, I would ask another dealer, even $200 seems high from what people have posted on here in terms of buying a second fob and getting it programmed.
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    Rapid Red Mach-E GT delivered to house, FE taken away. PAAK finally works, and Frunk button in app works too!

    Congratulations on the GT! I hate to pile on with the PaaK thing, but I agree with others that if it was such an issue, why not just spend the $100-$200 to get a second key fob rather then suffer for months and start hating the vehicle. Getting the car detailed one time could very well cost...
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    car wash, what's your experience?

    I go to a normal car wash (automated touch). The only ‘issue’ I have had is that the crevices around the hatch seem to retain water for a bit after going through the automated wash. It’s not an issue of water intrusion, but once the car is dried by the attendants, water still comes out of the...