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    FordPass errors when doing 21C22 and 21S42 Recalls?

    Quick update. It's now been at the dealer for over about 1.5 weeks for the recall, but still don't have it back yet. Originally expected it to complete by 12/1, but there were delays getting the weatherstrip. Hopefully should get it by Monday 12/6. Interesting points from my experiences so...
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    FordPass errors when doing 21C22 and 21S42 Recalls?

    So dropped my Mach-E off last week to get the windshield and glass roof recalls done while I was away for Thanksgiving. That in itself was a feet as 2 dealers that I contacted didn't have the capability to do it in house and their glass guys didn't have the instructions yet. Luckily got the 3rd...
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    SSM 50300 - Unable To Achieve 100 Percent State Of Charge After HV Battery Module Replacement

    Hmmm that sounds like the issue I've been having but it's been 3 months not 16 days 😔
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    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Did you do the 100% charge on slow charge via the Ford charger?
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    Too many Mach-E’s!

    There's tooooons of Teslas here in the north Dallas / Frisco/ Plano area. MMEs are still a little rare. Only seen 3 or 4 in the wild and that was a few months back.
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    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Yea... I suspect it's something to do with rebalancing after they replaced 2 cell modules from the previous round. 😔
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    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Yep went to 100% to give that a shot and no luck.
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    Battery charged to 90% ... NOT!

    Still having this issue ... I recently tried charging up to 100% just to see if that helped and still had the same behavior. It dropped 2% just by turning the MME on and by another 3% after driving around the block. And no in case anyone is thinking it .. I didn't try street racing down the...
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    MME not eligible for Texas rebate

    Well September finally came around and looks like the new Texas state (TERP) EV rebate is available for folks again here in Texas. However, only for those that bought or leased after 9/1/2021. Looks like us early Texas buyers that got delayed shipments that put us after January 2021 until...
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    MME vs. EV6

    Personally, I'm more interested in the Genesis GV60 or the Cadillac Lyriq.
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    Definitely not how I wanted the evening to start 😞😞

    Dang...Sorry to see one less Mach-E on the DFW roads 😞 Hope they're able to repair it quickly!!
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    The lack of A/C Seats

    I tend to run hot so love cooled seats. My Lincoln MKZ had cooled seats and the Mach-E not having it was definitely a factor that made me second guess whether to get it. Realistically, the Mach-E seats are fine though. Takes a little longer to cool down if I'm coming in all hot and bothered...
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    Sporadic turn signal blinker noise?

    Experienced another random bug this week. Anyone else noticed that sometimes your blinkers turn signal sound is not consistent? I was driving this weekend and noticed that all of a sudden ever I turned the signal on, it didn't have a regular pattern and seemed to just randomly stop then start...
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    Battery Replacement Saga Update

    That's definitely not true. I got a HV battery module pair replaced by my dealer... Although it did take 50+ days due to battery supply and dolly availability at the dealer...