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    Mach-E shows the Charging Speed and Regen.

    I'm excited about this.... ordered the 'high end' suggested OBD2 for $25. can't wait to see what I can see!
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    Mach-E shows the Charging Speed and Regen.

    oooohhhhh, very interesting! I have never gone shopping for ODBII interface or car scanner Apps, much less used them, ;) I wish this data, especially power in/out was displayed on dashboard calculated from the HV current and Voltage, but a scanner may have to do 'for now'. Looks like we need...
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    HowTo - weather drape to protect charge port from snow & ice

    .... just shut a cloth/plastic re-usable grocery bag in the hood, and drape over charge port. should work in a pinch of you are charging outside during a snow/ice storm.
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    Ice Problem! Charging port door wouldn’t close!

    The super simple solution on the road in a snowstorm would be to 'drape' a hotel towel over the fender/charge handle, and close the end of the towel under the hood to keep it in place..... actually, btter than a towel, maybe a cloth/plastic grocery bag! HHHHmmmmmm....... Another good reason to...
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    Ice Problem! Charging port door wouldn’t close!

    I don't plan to charge outside.... but maybe you can check out a 'vent boot' commonly used as a roof flashing. They come in all sizes, are cheap, and available in any local hardware store. You could even keep it in your MME, and slip it on over a hotel charge plug when travelling...
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    "Frunk" popped open on highway

    I agree the frunk latch is a bit stiff, and no good way to adjust as far as I can tell. I have found that with a little practice there is a 'sweet-spot', not quite a slam, that seems to work pretty well..... gentle drop to first click, and then 'CPR' push for second doesn't work very well with...
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    Cold weather question - does the car use more energy per mile?

    Accelleration should be pretty much unchanged as batteries warm themselves up. Traction will be less with same tires, range will be less as you use energy to heat cabin and batteries. If you charge in the cold, the charge will be reduced to protect batteries, programatically I dont know what...
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    First Mach-E hitch available - Torklift EcoHitch!

    nice.! what did they charge you?
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    FordPass 3.20.0 released for Android

    ....and no 'push' notification to all FordPass subscribers, so I wonder how we would ever know it was available ?! Amazing to me that Ford has not taken the opportunity to start a monthly Newsletter to Mach-e owners to maintain the excitement, solicit feedback more directly than filtering thru...
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    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    there are tons of ways to authenticate Owner and set the default Backupcode without PAAK if they put their mind to it. The reliance on BlueTooth AND Fordpass AND phone OS is really causing problems with configuring the BackupStartCode
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    HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    This behavior is not random for me.... it is absolutely repeatable. If I park outside facing south for more than an hour or so, the center console display temp gets hot enough to prevent coming 'on' when I start the car. whether or not the display responds to Sync4 reset and comes on does not...
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    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    I KNOW they can, which is what pissed me off.... next closest Dealer is an hour drive away, and I'm ok with entering Code now that I have it set, so it's just not worth my time to argue with them or set up the second fob.
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    1PD ... why do you use it?

    I LOVE 1-p.... and wish I could crank up the regen power even higher try hard to never touch the mechanical brakes because I love knowing all that braking energy is going back into the batteries rather than off as heat.
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    Do you use the fob or your phone for your everyday driving

    great questions. ;) I had problems with PAAK when I took delivery, could not complete configuration as it did not like my (andriod) phone, could not get/set a backup startcode. I wanted a second Fob to have SOME spare; Dealer said they 'couldn't get one, they are on backorder'. I found them...
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    HELP! Touch Screen went BLACK! [SOLVED!]

    yes I've had it happen twice. both when parked facing south for an hour or two. best guess is temp related display shutdown at this point.