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  1. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    I have some real world numbers to post. I drove from Bakersfield to North Hollywood. the trip is about 210 miles. Bakersfield is roughly at 300 feet above sea level but to get to North Hollywood you have to go over Tejon Pass which sits at 4400 Feet and then back down to North Hollywood which is...
  2. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    1. Thanks for the info 2. I am sad that i will not able to have lift off-well sort of
  3. Ford's Connected Charge Station

    When i spoke with my Ford dealer they told me to use chargePoint as it is cheaper by a LOT and functions just as well. The other advantage with ChargePoint is that you can hook up your home charger to your account so that you can keep track of all of your Chargepoint purchases if you charge away...
  4. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    one question...silly of course. under the speedometer it clearly states GROUND SPEED"...Is there an OTA to suggest something else??? Like maybe airspeed????
  5. Preview: FordPass App Activated with User’s Mach-E VIN

    I entered the vin early and ended up deleting all of it. The ford pass system had issues when part of it was done and then the dealer activated it. Deleted it all and re did it and then car was perfect
  6. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    I will say that I live in Cali and the dealer set up my iPhone as a key. I drive the 105 miles home and had Bluetooth connection issues. I called the dealer which was now on a Saturday and he said we will diagnose it on Monday. Well being who I am I deleted both blue tooth links. Yes there are...
  7. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    Sorry I meant to say 23. It was a 2017 fusion sport. It was a car that was NEVER marketed. It is a high performance fusion that was made in 2017 and was listed in the $50,000 range. It is a fusion with a F150 engine in it. Shortly after building them Ford cancelled the production of the sport...
  8. My Travels With Marlin (GB FE Delivered)

    EXACTLY...what is funny is that there he is in a Toyota saying how great friends he is with the guys at Ford. If that is the case then WHY are you driving a Prius??? However now the guy with the Tesla was soooo great. He said sure he had more HP etc., but he liked both the styling inside and...

    If it is not here then it never happened!!!!! lol

    Thanks you !!!!! I did not know Done resetting.

    Thanks!!! I TOTALLY forgot about corrected.

    Thanks,.... cannot wait!!!

    1. YOU are stealing my thunder as being the first. Lol 2. I have not used a public charger yet. I keep resetting my odometer to correct for calibration on the newness. So far at 46 degree mornings it started at 100% at deal was 211. Now up to 241. After 1 week and 309 miles. I live my...
  14. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Thanks I will play with that this weekend with my iPhone on the app and navigation on the car to compare. GREAT idea. Thanks

    I am starting a new thread to discuss a road trip I am doing starting on March 1. I am driving from Bakersfield, CA, 99 miles north of LA , going to Houston Texas. I planned the route on the navigation system as the ford pass app will not send it to MME. Apple car play is disconnected but the...