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  1. Mustang Mach-E development doesn't stop for virus

    Thank you for sharing. It is great to see that the team is continuing to push through testings. Thankfully advances in technology allowed for remote working. Also, I wonder how many prototypes they built for the continuous testing.
  2. So I joined the Mustang Club of America . . .

    This is so unfortunate that these folks can't keep an open mind. I am sure I have fervently disliked a change to my favorite product by a company, but heck it is THEIR company to do what they think is in their best interest. I am 100% sure that Ford figured out with data that the pros...

    Agreed. It has a similar flat mat look and feel similar to the blue cover public drive car in London. It looks like my final decision will be made one I see it in person. I'm not wedded to any color but still want it to look good.

    This car is beautiful in its super shiny and clean state. Looks like I will have to wash mine often.. well at least for the first couple months until i tire of constant washing. Thanks for sharing this photo.
  5. Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    Cannot wait to read your report. Thank you (as well as others before you) so much for taking on this time consuming and important task of getting us as much additional information as possible.

    I really like the red over the other two choices. But shish, that green coupe in the back is FIRE! I agree with most feedback from other members that it would be great if Ford offered a wider ranging color options.
  7. Any Mach-E questions you want answered?

    Thank you for offering to ask questions. Sorry for the lengthy lay questions, but here goes: Production: When will they have a street ready final production model ready for final product team review and then be ready showrooms? Are they able to share any tweaks or improvements they made as a...
  8. Your Mustang Mach-E. Tomorrow’s technology unleashed.

    I received the email too. Though I am still looking forward to getting my FE, I think Ford needs to send more recent and new updated information. I think most of us rummage through all forums and sites fishing for information and ARE fairly informed. So recycled information from Ford can be...
  9. NYC/Long Island/Westchester Check In!

    I am from Queens, NY and first time EV prospective owner.
  10. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Now this is a stunning blue. I would absolutely opt for this one.
  11. A lot of information on Mach-E

    Correct me if I am missing something, but I assumed ride height of 5.7 to mean ground clearance in inches. See second line from bottom on page 2.
  12. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    I definitely agree. I have said in the past that I suspect Ford is being very conservative. This may especially be true if they spent 2 years with focus groups, tearing down Tesla cars and going to the hits and misses with fine tooth comb. Why go through all of that trouble and investment of...
  13. Mach-E Makes UK Debut in Stunning Satin Blue

    Thank you for pointing this out. The article notes that the Mach E has a WLTP range of 600km (or 370 miles). The Model 3 performance model has an EPA range of 310 miles (vs. 338 European miles). Can we extrapolate that this means if the Mach E AWD extended range car could have an EPA range...
  14. Steve Hammes New Car Reviews

    Hey there. I came across this video and am currently listening to it.. Originally found on Bing search and when i clicked on the link, it said it was deleted. It looks like it was a pre-launch media presentation. Enjoy
  15. Mach-E will have OTA Updates

    I agree. The OTA update of every system on the car would be great if we didn't have worry about cybercriminals out there. I would rather my radio be affected than my drive/power train while i am driving. Ford did indicate that they are continuing to develop the features and will implement...