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    Cruise Control Modes

    Ok may be you are right - will have to check
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    RR FE - My Delivery - Dealer great, MME issues Resolved - Updated!!

    No that car is grey for me - I have RR. Or it may be because I am using darker screen mode.
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    Cruise Control Modes

    I believe that is for ACC or something - I remember seeing that 19 mph when setting up but not for intelligent CC. I will check again. I clearly remember questioning the 5mph for intelligent CC as its +/- and I was thinking so I could in theory go at 35 on a 30mph country road going through a...
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    Thread for Mach Es w/o any problems :)

    Posting in this thread (even though I am listing some issues) as I dont think I have had any major issues. 3 days so far and I have not driven much just about 70 miles. Most of it today. Tried 1 pedal driving today and its great. Fordpass and connectivity issues sort of sorted themselves...
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    Impressions of Mach E Fury

    I complained about this when taking delivery and I mentioned in my first post I was able to notice the panel gap between front driver side wheel lip and its top piece (fender?) because of water drops stuck there from washing. My concern is if starts to create more gap in the future. The sales...
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    Impressions of Mach E Fury

    Was able to test out 1 pedal driving today and all I can say is NICE. Did not take long to get used to it. Puddle lamps worked while driving outside and parking, coming back. Will keep watching if it works most of the time. Definitely hit or miss at home though but too much confusion for...
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    Backup start passcode - anyone actually set this up?

    Not sure what is going on with yours but I was able to set up without issues. I think - IIRC - I setup door lock keys (numbers) first and when I set it up it asked for setting up backup start code I think and it worked. I may be confused too.
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    Cruise Control Modes

    Agree with you that on highways no reason to use intelligent CC as it does not allow more than 5mph over speed limit. It is Best suited for roads that have some stop lights or varying speeds where 5mph tolerance works but still can cruise for long stretches.
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    Door not closing

    Agree that the door and windows should have separate locks
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    Do I win a forum award for the first Mach-E accident?

    Glad you are unharmed...just bad luck...and thanks for involuntarily volunteering to figure out this part of the process
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    My Mach-E may have a first! Flat tire...

    i had a tire shop fix my flat last year and they did not charge me anything - they said - come back and buy new tires from us when its time.
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    FordPass App

    Another issue with FordPass is its Map. It thinks my house address is several blocks away. So I suppose its best to say its not accurate? Google Maps and Apple Maps have no issues but Ford Pass for some reason either is not updated (it it recognizes the address) or incorrect.
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    FordPass App

    FordPass does not recognize a connected home charger - keeps saying Not connected or something like that even if connected. This happens more when the car has been sleeping and you connect the EVSE for the night but the schedule has not yet begun. . I notice that my EVSE APp says its connected...
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    First MMEs arrive in San Diego

    Lol - Not me