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    Another ID.4 vs Mach-E thread

    Interesting thread. The ID4 charging was of no interest to me. While we road trip a bit, the nearest EA charger to me is at least a 60 minute drive EACH way. If there were one close by, it might be of minimal interest, but don't forget you have to wait while it charges to take full advantage. Is...
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    Stanford EV Survey

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    Always plug in in your garage?

    All summer and warmer weather I charged to 80% and plugged in nightly to pre condition before I left in the morning. Now in the colder months I have reset that to 90% to give me a bit more peace of mind as the range has dropped with the colder weather. Sometimes on the weekend I don't plug it in...
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    Axle clunk

    Well . . . I think I am hearing the same noise. I have a little over 20,000 miles but this started a few months ago. Mine is going in this weekend for a late 10,000 mile service and I am going to ask. I think a friend here @GoGoGadgetMachE has or had the same issue.
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    NE Ohio Dealers

    I got my car at Waikem Ford in Massillon - I am sure too far for him. I also bought a car a few years ago at Klaben in Kent, and had no problems with them, and Autonation in Canton.
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    Wireless phone charging mat too small.

    I heard that a lot about the 12. I "think" they fixed it in the 13 - I don't have that issue, although I have to make sure it is seated correctly to charge. If it rests at all on that divider lip it can stop charging.
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    So how many miles do you have on your Mach E?

    Sure would like to do that, but I can't with my commute. The commute and all the gas cost is a very big factor in me wanting to go BEV. My previous vehicle, a 2016 Escape (Daughter's car now) had over 165,000 in a little more than the 5 years I was driving it. This Mach E is going to be eating...
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    So how many miles do you have on your Mach E?

    I picked up my FE Mustang Mach E on Saturday 2/27/21. I have really only done ONE road trip of about 900 miles RT, but drive about 90 miles RT M-F to work. Just hit 20K. Minimal issues and LOVE my car. How many miles do you have? I'm sure I am not the mileage "King"
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    Wireless phone charging mat too small.

    Odd. My 13 Pro Max with the Apple leather case fits perfectly. Charges fine too.
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    Why is the charge port door so awful?

    Car wash? CAR WASH? 😂 Therein lies the issue.
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    OTA Power Up 1.7.1 preview

    Don't remind me. Still irritated that someone like "EV and Shrill" gets early access by being a PITA.
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    Does anyone actually love their MME?

    I LOVE my car. BEST car I have ever owned. Some bugs. But we are early adopters on the cutting edge. Every time I drive I smile.
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    Mach-E rear motor teardown by Sandy Munro

    He’s probably making bank as a YouTube star now too.
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    Mach-E rear motor teardown by Sandy Munro

    Ford will be making their own motors and powertrains: I watched it and found it interesting. But really, saying there are over 500 parts when they are laminated in one part is...