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  1. Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    Ok, so I figured out an issue with Profiles that I believe is tied to the FordPass app. In summary, the car would have the correct settings with my profile, but when I unlocked the car with PaaK, the incorrect settings would be pushed to the car. Even worse, updating certain settings in the car...
  2. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    I also got another update a few days later. This was on 5/12.
  3. First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    Great, thank you so much, both of you! We're planning our first RV road trip and I'm worried we won't have enough cargo space, so I'm thinking about this or a roof rack and a box. I figured this would be less damaging than seasucker bars on the panoramic roof. How long did it take for the...
  4. First Hitch Installed on a Mach-E (Torklift EcoHitch)

    How have people liked this? I'm deciding between this and the stealth hitch but want to get a sense of the weight limit for the hitch. I'm thinking of a 4-bike rack or a cargo box.
  5. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    Finally got the update yesterday. You'll see an icon at the top of the center screen when you start the car. It definitely took a while...
  6. Home Charging - ChargePoint (6-50 vs 14-50) or the JuiceBox ( 40 vs 48 and plug in vs. Hardwire) ?

    I was talking to my contractor about this and learned a few things: When you have a 200A main panel, the city will likely block the permit if you try to install two 80A circuits (trying to really futureproof here) as there won't be enough power for the rest of the house. You'll have to upgrade...
  7. Impressed with Co-Pilot 360. Bay Area traffic? NO PROBLEM!

    Check to see what you set your tolerance level to be. Every time it reads a speed limit sign, it sets the speed to tolerance + X. So if you set it to 70 and you pass a sign, maybe it drops it to 62. I get dropped to 65 every time I pass those 55 construction zone speed signs.
  8. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    You're very quick to say that it won't fix bugs with saving settings, which is the only real issue aside from the PaaK inconsistency. Did you have the settings problem and it didn't work?
  9. First OTA update for Mach-E coming March 18 tomorrow

    I still haven't received the update, though I'm glad my software problems are relatively minor. I hope it will fix these issues when I do get it!
  10. EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    Ok, for those in the SF Bay Area, I did another test, this time on the 880 Express Lane going northbound in Fremont. Based on my account activity, it seems like it accepted the CAV transponder in the black area so I didn't get charged for being in the Express Lane (>3 people). I wonder if...
  11. How to - Remove Mach-E frunk divider - DIY writeup

    Just curious, for those that have taken it out, what happens if water leaks through the holes? I took mine out but I'm worried that it I put ice or hose it down, the water will leak into sensitive components.
  12. SSM 49730 - Phone As A Key (PAAK) Concerns Of Bluetooth Disconnected, UnableTo Start, Backup Code Needed And/Or Key Not Detected

    On iPhone at least, PaaK works better with newer phones. I upgraded to an iPhone 12 from an iPhone X and it made a pretty big difference. It's still inconsistent and slow, but less so.
  13. Settings not sticking?

    Let me know how it goes! With our car, we can't turn it off since my wife and I have pretty different driving settings.
  14. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    My display whine doesn't get better with lower brightness... It's pretty much constant. Annoying without music on. 😢
  15. Rejected My Premium ER AWD - QA Issues

    Our family prefers the glass roof. It's not just that it's glass, but that the light coming through actually makes the car feel more airy and bigger inside. For cars with sunroofs that aren't that big, you can't see much of a difference, but this roof is pretty dramatic, especially if you're in...