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  1. FordPass 4.17.1 Release

    Is there supposed to be a Frunk button? I still don’t have one, but my PAAK setup was resolved.
  2. Glass Recall Service

    Yes, it was. Call Tuttle Click in Irvine to get it squared away. They’ve got the processed nailed down.
  3. Glass Recall Service

    Had a similar issue in Orange County CA. I’ve had to take the car in for issues twice both times got a loaner. This recall goes through the body shop who doesn’t work with the service department for some reason tried to charge me for the rental. Fortunately, I have other options and took it to...
  4. Has anyone in the USA gotten a recall notice for 21S42 panoramic roof?

    Got my in-app recall and called my service center. They said it was just a notification, but parts weren't going to be shipped to the dealers body shops until CY 22. That seems odd to me.
  5. Has anyone in the USA gotten a recall notice for 21S42 panoramic roof?

    Thanks for the Verge article and the replies. I hadn't seen the late Oct Date. The community here is excellent.
  6. Has anyone in the USA gotten a recall notice for 21S42 panoramic roof?

    All in, I've had awful wind noise from a large gap and differential between my windshield and the panoramic roof. The dealer validated and notated wind noise, and I have a CAB case with Ford over. Still, my car doesn't appear to be included in the 17k vehicle recalls (Early manufactured...
  7. Does anyone actually love their MME?

    Here's my impression. I love the vehicle. I love Corporate Ford. You need to be careful and choose the right dealer. Basically, I was an early adopter, and there were some issues. I still have horrible wind noise and am looking forward to Ford providing some fix here (FE glass roof), but...
  8. Wet Okole Seat Covers Installed

    They have open slots on the sides for the side airbags.
  9. Leaving for 14 days, what's best practice for Charging

    Thanks all for the advice. I'm going to charge it to 85 and leave it, but I remember reading older posts about people leaving it plugged in and having software issues that drained the 12v, but I think the latest updates addressed those. I'll store it in a garage that shouldn't get over 100, so...
  10. Leaving for 14 days, what's best practice for Charging

    All, I'm seeing some mixed information about leaving the charger on or off while leaving the vehicle unoperated for a two-week vacation. Does anyone have any advice on if I should leave it charged in, don't worry about it; put a trickle charger on the 12v? I'd love input from the experts...
  11. PAAK Software Update for Phone-As-Key Bluetooth Connectivity Issue (CSP 21B36)

    I just got the update and used PAAK as my primary key (while waiting on another repair). So far, with just one day of it, it appears to work well. The puddle lights appear as I approach the vehicle after a few tests, and this is something I hadn't seen before. While it's only a day worth of...
  12. The pano roof ledge.....

    So just an FYI. I have a very noisy pano roof, I know this because I took my car in for a repair today when the door latch broke. They gave me another Mach E with a pano roof. It is completely silent. So hopefully they will address the bad batches. I keep eyeing this forum to see how Ford...
  13. First warranty repair - Door latch

    So today I opened my door and heard a little snap. I could open the door from the outside to get into my car got in but when I got home realized I was trapped in my car. from the drivers side, the latch no longer worked. It moves, just not opening the latch. Had to climb over the seat and the...
  14. The California List.... available rebates and programs

    I just received my check for $2,000 but when I deposited into a chase ATM it gobbled it up and never deposited. I hope to goodness I don’t have to request a new check as it did take quite awhile.