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  1. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Great.!!!!! You have joined the Mach E herd. Waiting for the next email. Hopefully soon.
  2. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    Fairway Ford in Greenville SC.
  3. Ford Awards TomTom Global Traffic Service Deal for Next-Gen SYNC Tech to Predict Congestion

    Android Auto, Google maps, Waze and now TomTom. Hopefully all this integration would not be overwhelming and take away from the driving experience. I've experienced the Ford systems from the early Sync thru the Sync3. You notice the improvements thru the years. Voice commands and asking for Nav...

    A lucky day for Chris. Great pics. Now we can see Carbonized Gray at various angles and in natural light. Lucky day for Chris. Great pics. Just wanted to see Carbonized Gray under natural light at various angles. My expectations are high. My order is in. Got my reply from Ford and now I'm...

    Yes. It is listed as metallic.
  6. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    You right. Nothing definitive yet. I think the X plan # will be factored in at the end. Ford rep will be at the dealership today. More info when I know more details.
  7. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    My order was submitted on June 30 2020. Ford confirmation few moments later. Mach E Premium AWD Extended Range Carbonized Gray. USA Greenville SC.
  8. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    They only wanted it for their records. Also to verify my company's employment and insurance card for verification. Not for the dealership but for Ford. Surely the X plan will pop up again around delivery time. Let us see what the Ford rep has to say also. I'm interested to hear from the rep...

    My Carbonized Gray Mach E has been ordered. Step 1 is next. When that step will take place.......will find out from Ford. It is done. Good luck to all.
  10. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    It is done. The dealer called me up and asked me to come by and make it official. Four salesman gathered around to witness the process. They were all interested to find out and observe the process. They know me at the dealership so it got very interesting. Had my paperwork ready and.......the...
  11. Submitted Orders # Tracking List [Enter Yours]

    114. Nikos Res # 10018215 June 30 2020 USA (SC) Carbonized Gray Premium AWD ExtRange.
  12. Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    I was hoping for some news today on my reservation order. Contacted my dealership and the sales manager had reviewed my reservation and told me that I was #3 in the reservation with the dealership. My email will come in on June the 30th. The dealership ( at least the one I've dealing with for...

    Today I got my email. ID # and dealership info. Things are getting interesting....soon.!!!!
  14. Ford Notifies Mach-E Reservers of Order Completion “In The Next Few Days” I got my notice too. Reservation ID # and my dealer. Tonight I will generate my X plan #. No financing info other than discount offers on other Ford vehicles but Mach E. We are getting there, finally.!!!!! Few more days to go before it becomes official. Wonder what is next. Good...
  15. Release: Mach-E customers to receive up to five complimentary 'fill-ups' at Electrify America charging stations

    Here we are.........reliable info is coming out slowly. Prices for the Level 2 home chargers and EA network freebies. Nothing yet about Ford's Fastor Charger network and the 2 year complimentary service at no charge. More to follow I guess.??!! From now on we will be digesting all kinds of info...