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  1. So long, it's been fun.

    Congrats. My FE (Ordered 6 secs after they took the covers off) is still sitting at the dealer because I can drive a Tesla Y and an Audi Etron for less per month than the Ford. It's insane Ford put no support behind this Mach E. My dad works for Audi and he's given me a few days with an...
  2. Lease Payments?

    They are and it's not in the deal. Audi passes the $7500 credit to the customer in the lease, Ford seems to be keeping it.
  3. Lease Payments?

    The money factor on the lease is insanity. The APR IS 5.47 for a tier 0. That’s crazy money. He gave me a $900+ A month payment for a 3yr, 36k lease. I pay less for my Audi and it’s a 78k car.
  4. Lease Payments?

    Has anyone leased this car? My MME FE is sitting at the dealership waiting for me and the numbers they are quoting are telephone numbers. Even at X-plan it’s a staggering payment. It’s more than my Q7! Wondering if I’m the only one.
  5. Pines Ford refusing to honor X-plan

    I live in your area...I switched my car to a dealer in Georgia who agreed to honor X-Plan. Crazy what Pines does to people.
  6. Has anybody in this forum received their Mach E yet????

    Thanks. Next time I will definitely email you on this thread for the info and completely disregard the person who has the Blue Oval on their business card.
  7. Has anybody in this forum received their Mach E yet????

    I confirmed with someone from Ford mine was built on Dec 16th...which means it's been sitting in QC for quite a bit...which has me concerned. Usually cars get held up waiting for emissions...which doesn't come into play here.
  8. Order Scheduled for Production Date

    I got December 14th. Ordered FE during the reveal. Order number 5587

    The car behind you in your profile that the grabber blue? I know it's under a ton of Blue light

    Hello folks. I ordered a First Edition and the color choices are driving me nuts. No black...the Carbonized Grey looks more like the Magnetic grey on my Explorer which is very light. And Rapid Red metallic looks great in studio lighting but not sure that great in the wild. Curious to know...