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    BlueCruise stopped working after charging, now giving error message

    Try turning off speed sign recognition. That might allow BCHF to function. Weird error for sure. I have never seen that one myself. 🤔
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    Unauthorized API use can disable your account

    Wow. That is super sneaky. Isn't that in violation of some law or regulation? (Impersonating another business or entity) If not, it should be.
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    DCFC melted / welded to Mach-E charge port during charging session (updated with photos) 😱
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    Snowflake indicator in Job 1s?

    My car has it too. I've only seen it come on twice though.
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    Unauthorized API use can disable your account

    I am actually shocked that anyone would give their username and password out to strangers. My utility company wants my charging data so they offered to pay me a small fee if they could collect it from the EVSE. If they would have asked me to give them my FordPass or credentials then I...
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    Has anyone had this problem? "Front Camera Fault Service Required" and "Pre-Collision Assist Not Available"

    There is a growing group of us with that same issue. We believe Ford is trying to figure it out. No firm solutions yet. Might be a bad coaxial cable or might be bad software or might be both.
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    Heating system in Mustang Mach-E ?

    Heater works great in my Mach-E. It seems very adequate for my needs.
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    Unauthorized API use can disable your account

    Maybe I am missing something......but if they have your user name and password then why would Ford prevent them from connecting? If you give your fob to somebody, then they might drive off with your car. I don't see any other place to point our finger at except the mirror.
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    What happens if Alexa goes away?

    I will gain some counter space in the kitchen. Other than that, it won't affect me one little bit.
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    The PAAK POLL - does it “work” for you?

    I received yet another OTA this week. I think there was one last week as well.... Either they are just sending them out once a week to shut people up or they are actually getting good and finding issues that need to be corrected. Either way, I can also say that PaaK seems to be a bit more...
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    How often to charge

    Of course. But saying there isn't any regen isn't totally accurate. Efficiency or effectiveness depends on your point of view and what you are trying to accomplish. (Stopping or harvesting.)
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    How often to charge

    I charge to 100% displayed every day and I have regen immediately once I start driving. Regen is more efficient at lower states of charge but still exists. I don't live at the top of a hill though..... 🤔
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    BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    Your menu just says "Lane Centering" (with Hands Free) is missing? Then you don't have Blue Cruise Hands Free yet. Even if you see the "Lane Centering with Hands Free" choice, you STILL MIGHT NOT have BCHF. I had that choice on my screen for 4 months and BCHF didn't work. I had to go to...
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    How often to charge

    100% displayed is about 96% actual.
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    Unknown symbol

    If you get into the habit of looking for that symbol when you start the car then you won't be surprises when it gets switched to 2PD (which can happen with some OTAs). 👍