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    Hit 100,000 MILES

    I tend to agree. When the MME was my daily driver (75k miles in 27 months).....I charged to 100% everyday. Now that it is passed off to the spouse, it only gets charged to 90%. Could probably go to 80% and be fine too. In a strange twist of fate.... I am driving a Polestar 2 now. It lacks...
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    Are codes maintained to show if an alignment is needed?

    No way for the car to determine that on its own. Just rotate the tires and if you observe even wear across the width of the tire then carry on. Almost 80k miles on my car and still on the factory alignment settings...
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    MME has been around for 3 years, Battery lost?

    Primarily by observing actual range from a full charge. I still have days where I deplete 50-75% of charge. I used to get an actually 300 miles of range in town on a full charge and now it is right around 289 ish. My GOM has been notoriously accurate since I have owned the vehicle which I...
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    Hmm, what happened to "L" mode?

    I must have missed that requirement too. Over 73k miles so far and L has worked normally irregardless of State of Charge. ????
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    MME has been around for 3 years, Battery lost?

    2021 FE 73,000 miles Charge to 100% displayed every day. Observe almost 4% range loss so far.
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    New PaaK Survey

    Agree. PaaK is completely non functional for me. I try it every day and I can count on one hand the times it let me into the car over the past 3 months. I leave my fob in the car (manually lock the car every time I exit). I have to use the door pillar code. Even then....I would not be very...
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    Android Phone issue - people can hear you, but you can't hear them

    Same issue here. Been like that for 3-4 months. The work around is to press the hands free toggle button on the screen and then immediately reconnect back to hands free. Do this when the phone is ringing (if making b outbound call) or immediately after answering an inbound call. Not ideal...
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    Is never charging to 100% bad for your battery?

    No. What you are doing is fine as long as it meets your needs. Your car takes care of all the cell balancing etc behind the scenes. You don't have to give it much thought.
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    UPDATE 85k!!!! SOH INFO

    I would buy it again. I have experienced some issues with the convenience features but the critical functions have been rock solid for me.
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    Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Errors

    Nothing special. Using the trim tools helps a lot though. That way you can get right where you need to be to pry the clips loose. XBRN Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit,13 Pcs Car Panel Door Window Tools Kit,Auto Clip Fastener Remover Pry Tool Set My fault has not returned...
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    Job 1 owners - are you getting the numbered OTA updates?

    I am still getting updates too. Not sure what numbers. Starts with a 4 That is all I remember. There was one earlier this week and one last week.
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    Front Camera Fault & Pre-Collision Assist Not Available Errors

    My faults have not returned since I adjusted the cable routing. Or possibly the cable routing issue occurred during windshield replacement....
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    Random screen rebooting

    I had my sync go black and reboot during my drive to work this morning. First time that has ever happened to me as far as I can remember. 65,800 miles so far..
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    Issue with receiving text?

    My car only does that when the text contains an image or link. Do all your texts have those? Whenever it starts reading the date etc, then I just cancel it and read it later. What I wish is for it to read me texts in a British woman's accent. Then it can talk to me all day long. :)
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    Is PAAK now a reasonable app?

    I carry my fob out to the car with me when I leave home and take it in with me when I return. In between those times, I leave the fob in the car and lock the doors manually when I exit. Works great because I don't have to carry the fob around. About half the time Paak opens the door for me...