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    Pony Desk Sculpture, Pony Badge? From Press Kit?!

    The print failed. I'll have to mess with it when I get back in a week. I don't think the designer ever printed it.
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    Time estimates from Kansas to destination (CA)

    21 years ago while I awaited my Trans Am Firehawk there was a way (I have completely forgotten how and things have changed, maybe we had an insider) I tracked the rail car and told my dealer what day it would show up. It made it a day early. One would think with today's tech we could do that.
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    Pony Desk Sculpture, Pony Badge? From Press Kit?!

    I'm going to print one now. I hope to get a pic uploaded before I step out of town for a few days. edit - I don't know how well this will print. I'm going to have to mess with supports. I don't know if I'll get it done before I head out.
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    Mirror Tap Instructions for Radar Detector or Dash Cam (Switched 12v) - DIY Writeup

    I'm sure Lawyers probably have a say about any aux power port, dash cam etc...... I've been dreaming about aux power ports for years.
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    Interior Gun Safe

    I either dump mine in the armrest (in a holster of course) or under the back floor depending on where I go. 90% of the time I don't leave it in the car. I do have a small safe that I can cable to the seat if I need to. My family knows what I do with my guns so they know where it is and to look...
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    Production to Delivery

    based on all of the other threads, a week for production and up to 2 months to deliver, give or take.
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    Learn More About Your Mustang Mach E

    I clicked the first link and it showed me YOUR Vin #...... FYI. @ChasingCoral
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    Another EV buyer cheated by the dealership model

    File a complain with the BBB if it hasn't already been said.
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    RWD or AWD for Las Vegas

    RWD will be fine. I drove a Few Camaro SS's in the snow with snow tires and never had an issue. I live in NY.
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    How many started with Toyota Prius followed by Nissan Leaf followed by Chevy Bolt followed by Mustang Mach E?

    I have had to many cars to list but my son has my wife's old 2010 Prius with 146K on it. She has an 18 Prius with 40K on it. I'm ditching my 2019 Caddy for the Mach E. I still have my Trans Am Firehawk. Can;t get rid of my baby.
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    Lane Keeping - not sure I'm a fan

    I don't like LKA in my Caddy so I'll assume I won't like it in the Mach E. I don't like it in my wife's Prius either.
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    April/May Build Dates

    This is what I see with the tracking tool for mine. ETA End Date 2021-07-13 Production Date 2021-05-24
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    Wow, I had to drive a 120K '81 manual rabbit diesel when I got my permit.....

    My daughter is learning on my 21 year old Trans Am,, A Caddy SUV and a Prius! Once I get the Mach E, she will learn on that as well.
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    April/May Build Dates

    I have a build date of 05/24/2021. I'm so excited!
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    How do I get the dealer to release my car?

    My dealer couldn't even give me a release date and then said they couldn't figure out how to sell it to me. After a few hours of searching I found a dealer with a red Mach E that wasn't spoken for. I put down $$ and even if it's July, I am getting mine from a dealer with knowledge.