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    Nikola Badger open for reservations

    My brother put in a reservation for one. He will most likely be out hunting and not go "the world".
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    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    " luxurious, like a nice Cadillac " Great, I hate the ride in my Caddy XT4! Touring is to bouncy, Sport rides worse than my 2000 Trans Am and AWD mode is half way and the best. I can't wait for the Mach E!
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    Cadillac Lyriq debut today - will Ford give us any news to steal their thunder?

    It looks huge. Looks. I have a Caddy XT4 which the Mach E will replace. Even on the XT, Caddy seems to be behind. The transmission sucks as well. It looks cool but it's late to the market and it's to big for me. I put my wife and kids (they were smaller then but still...I can pack light) in my...
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    What else have you electrified?

    It makes them compliant. I love my Rad. I rode 24 miles before work this morning. I just passed 1400 miles on it. I did 850 last year and I'm hoping to hit 2K before winter. It really depends on how far you want to go. I can go 30-40 miles on a charge. My back starts complaining around 25...
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    What else have you electrified?

    I have all electric lawn equipment and an e-bike. I'm a techy kind of guy. I speak to Google and turn on lights, answer my doors the same way. I rarely use paper and my office is as paperless as you can get! We also have 2 Prius in the driveway. Wife and kids. I still have my Trans Am.
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    dog mode

    Yep! Ford needs to be able to listen and implement like Tesla does. They are GREAT at innovation and I hope it sets the bar REALLY high for the rest. They need to listen to the people that buy from them. I have a Caddy XT4 and the impression that I get at the dealer (and can't contact Caddy...
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    My wife is on board with the Cyber Orange! Not that it matters....
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    I might change my order from Silver to Orange when the time comes!
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    Purchase or lease? Pros and cons.

    My .02 worth. Leasing can be good/bad. Lease if you want a new car every 2 or 3 years It's always under warranty Payments, depending on "how well" the vehicle leases can be lower. For me, it's my company car so it's a corporate tax write off You drive under the miles per year. I might drive 7K...
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    This bothers me...

    I think it will take a while to really get battery and charging tech where most of us want it to be. Cars simply depreciate! My company leases my car but I drive less than 10K a year between 2 cars. Leasing mileage will never change. Keeping miles low is what makes them desirable. My Caddy is...
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    Concerned about lack of marketing from Ford

    If the first year is sold out, do they really need to market it?
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    Mach-E order bank opens May 11, 2020 (Update: possibly delayed to June-July)

    If the GT gets pushed back to far for delivery... I'm going to end up with something else at the end of my Caddy lease.