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  1. UK Customers

    I just received customer satisfaction survey. Lets just say I used up the 5,000 characters!
  2. UK Customers

    I fully expect mine to arrive looking like that after the amount of times its been transhipped!
  3. UK Customers

    Couldn't be more excited - Not.
  4. UK Customers

    My 2 boys are in the South 252 but lower than halfway up. I'm in the posh seats on the corner of the West/North. Free pints at 1/2 time drown my sorrows!!
  5. UK Customers

    I've done a little tally of Makooys ship summaries. This is how many vehicles have left Veracruz with their destinations :- Netherlands = 1,266 Norway = 1,143 UK = 1,021 Germany = 243 France = 200 It seems really popular with countries beginning with 'N'. Maybe thats why the Gral San Martin...
  6. UK Customers

    Where do you sit?
  7. UK Customers

    I'll pick you up in my Grabber Blue FE and give you a lift to see our shit football team if you like!!!!
  8. I got STRIPES!!

    I'd Love to see what that looks like. Make sure you post pics if you do it.
  9. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    so it was loaded on the Florida in Veracruz. Wow. Ford have been feeding me the absolute bs that it was loaded onto the Gral San Martin.
  10. Europe - Shipment numbers / vessel tracking

    Thanks for that - do you know what port it was loaded on it?
  11. UK Customers

    🤣🤣🤣 so for the many of us that pre-ordered the car pre-covid, Ford are “compensating” us with an obsolete pair of B&O headphones once we take delivery of the car!
  12. UK Customers

    I've always had that on rental cars in America. I would have thought it's disabled in all UK models in line with our laws.
  13. UK Customers

    Unfortunately, Hannah can only tell us what she is being "fed" by the shipping department. I attach her position last Thursday when I queried that the Gran Sal Martin was going to Lagos. I'm not sure they accurately know which cars are on which vessels. The cars on Gral San Martin (left...
  14. UK Customers

    They picked the wrong year to give up amphetamines
  15. UK Customers

    I need new pants - I have just saturated these ones!! Instead of Comical Ali we have Farcical Ford