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    What's Going on with My L2 Charger?!

    Open FordPass, tap the "..." in the lower right corner. Pick "Your Charge Station" from the menu, then tap "Settings". What does it display for Max Charge Current? I tried to check your DIP switches from the photo but it wasn't quite focused well enough for me to be confident in the settings...
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    I got STRIPES!!

    Awesome! Those stripes should make the car go at least 20% faster! ;)
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    Aaaaaaat Last!!

    Ford did mention that they'd be rolling them out in batches. I don't think it was meant to be an update that everyone gets all on the same day. I haven't seen an update either but my car did get several updates that were directly applied (not as OTA updates) so it made me wonder if whatever...
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    Wi-fi connection issue - Solved allowing WPA

    It does for me. I'm using an Apple Airport Extreme for WiFi set to WPA2-Personal. It may be something specific to the brand/model router.
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    How Long to Release From a Level 2 Charger?

    When you press the button on the charge handle to release the latch, it *also* sends the signal to tell the car it is being unplugged. The car should respond by stopping the charge very quickly (about a second or less). When I do this with my car, I can hear the relay click on the wall box...
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    Farewell Ron Heiser, Welcome Donna Dickson as MME Chief Engineer

    I'm sad to hear Ron is moving on. He was awesome and gave me a lot of confidence in the car. I very much enjoyed talking to him. Donna has some big shoes to fill.
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    Test drive VW/Mach-E

    The IR coating on the roof seems to work really well. I don't feel the heat of the sun at all. So far I do like the controls in the MME ... but also I've now had mine for nearly two months so I pretty much know how to get to anything I want in a hurry.
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    Ford Pass App 3.19.0 crashes

    Right after the software update to the new version, Ford Pass wedged on me and I couldn't get the car to load after launching the app. But killing it and relaunching (and a bit of patience because it took a while) *eventually* the car info loaded and it's been fine since. But there's now an...
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    Has the Map Stopped Working in Your FordPass App?

    I talked to one of my contacts at Ford -- who reached out to the Ford Pass team. They know about the map issue (I sent them the link to this thread). They have a new app version that should correct it that should be out shortly (the estimate was possibly by Tuesday). Of course pinning those...
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    Amazing Ford Customer Service!

    Yep - Ford has been great!
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    Reply from Electrify America

    I see the problem in "tiers". If you own a newer home with an attached garage and at least a 200 amp service panel (very common on new homes) then adding 240v to your garage for charging is no big deal. If you own an older home with a detached garage and a smaller service panel ... adding...
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    Reply from Electrify America

    That's actually 4 CCS and 1 CHAdeMO. Notice the color of the two stickers on the front of each station. The left-most station (I'll call that station 1) has 1 green and 1 blue sticker (1 CCS & 1 CHAdeMO). The other stations have 2x green (CCS) stickers. But while each station has two...
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    50 KW CCS Charger

    Your car can charge at "up to" 150 kW ... but only when the battery is drained more (say ... around 20-30%). As it starts to fill, the charging rate drops. This means for much of the charging session, a 150kW charger isn't actually delivering 150kW ... it maybe be delivering more like 120 or...
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    First Charge Point, now JuiceBox

    ChargePoint is in stock at Amazon IF you order it with the NEMA 6-50 plug (3-conductor type plug) instead of the NEMA 14-50. If you plan to hard wire the charger (which is what I did) then it doesn't matter which plug type you order. Here's the actual NEMA 14-50 plug from my ChargePoint Home...
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    High miles at time of delivery.

    That's not too high. Mine had 18 miles on it.