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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    My thoughts exactly. A better chance that lawmakers can extend a rebate given the COVID situation, than Ford can increase production timelines without a risk in quality issues. I'm hoping that Michigan may actually offer an incentive/rebate for 2021 to support a quality Ford BEV product. Or at...
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    Active Drive Assist will cost $1,400 (says Autoline Daily)

    I wonder if it would work when crossing the Mackinac Bridge?
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    Ford Launches Mach-E U.S. Road Tour [Register Inside]

    Would be nice to have one in Michigan, you know, where Ford HQ is located.
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    The key thing for the "not a Mustang" crowd that they don't realize

    So the MachE just quadrupled the iconic Mustang sales reported? I would consider that an important step in "saving the brand".
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    The Ford Mustang Mach-E Naming Controversy May Have A Silver Lining

    As I was reading through the OP, I forgot it was about the Mach-E as the name Tesla was used more throughout. Tesla always seems to try to steal the attention away from Tesla competitors. Not to mention that Elon Musk and Cybertruck were also mentioned in an article about Tesla's legit...
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    Did anyone watch the Mach-E webex?

    No real new information. The only "nugget" I caught was the aerodynamic drag coefficient "surpassed the bechmarks" and even the designers were a bit surprised by the numbers. But obviously, they did not give any numbers.
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    2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    You are correct about the online sales still going through a dealership. I was just providing a bit of the background behind the laws requiring the dealerships as part of the process.
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    Update on Mach-E launch progress from engineering friends in Mexico

    That's why I say they should refer to it as a 4-Dr fastback instead of an SUV. Might make it an easier pill to swallow for the Mustang faithfuls.
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    2021 Mach-E Mustang Online Buying Process Detailed

    Michigan law prevents manufacturer direct sales dating back to people nearby plants that could get cars cheaper and no delivery fees, leaving dealerships in the cold. Dealer associations lobbied for the law to level the playing field. Tesla tried to change things in MI without luck. To work...
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    Mach-E First Edition Ride Along Review and Q&A from Site Member/Enthusiast

    Gentex has been making electrochromatic windows for the Boeing "Dreamliner" and this article from CES 2020 mentions crossing over to panoramic glass roofs for vehicles. Perhaps our MME's may be one of their first ventures?
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    Beat the Rush. Order a vanity plate yet?

    Most of the MME, Stang, pony plates were already spoken for in Michigan, likely due to those in Dearborn. So I opted for something a little different. (Apparently it can be read 2 different ways?)
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    Delivery date of the first “First Edition"

    I'm sticking with my previous thought/wish of a Black Friday delivery. 11/27/2020 at 7:00am EST.