1. GreaseMonkey

    Mach-E flawlessly circles Lake Michigan w/ 2 tweens & a puppy

    This summer, my wife and I planned to spend some time in Northern Michigan with our 2 tweens and our 6-month old mini schnauzer. We found a house on Airbnb in a heavily wooded area that has an EVSE. Then it dawned on us that while we’ve been talking about “circling the lake” for years (yes, it’s...
  2. TDAnthony

    Our Electrifying Journey: Cross Country Road Trip - Philadelphia to San Francisco

    Electrifying Journey: Our Cross Country Road Trip As my family and I prepared to move back to California after eight great years in Philadelphia, my wife and I saw this as an opportunity to fulfill a long-standing bucket list item – a cross country road trip. As our 2021 Extended Range AWD...
  3. timbop

    Tutorial: Road Trip Planning with ABRP (abetterrouteplanner.com)

    The attached PDF is a tutorial I put together that might prove useful to ABRP/road tripping newbies and veterans alike. It is based on extensive time wasted spent planning a 1600 mile trip I took in September. While the UI is generally intuitive I did find some "quirks" in the web app, and I...