1. GreaseMonkey

    Mach-E flawlessly circles Lake Michigan w/ 2 tweens & a puppy

    This summer, my wife and I planned to spend some time in Northern Michigan with our 2 tweens and our 6-month old mini schnauzer. We found a house on Airbnb in a heavily wooded area that has an EVSE. Then it dawned on us that while we’ve been talking about “circling the lake” for years (yes, it’s...
  2. DadzBoyz

    MyKey - What it should be... Your ideas?

    So, I'm reading a thread about a PaaK survey that Ford seems to be doing at the EA (Early Access) Cool Kids Table. (Seriously, I applied to the waiting list 5 months ago, and not a word from them. I guess I'm not cool or popular enough... :cool: ) Anyway, I start running off at the mouth about...
  3. Anyone go from a Model 3 to Mach-E?

    Looking for any feedback or experience people have had from owning both a Model 3 and Mach-E. Considering possibly trading in our Long Range AWD Model 3 in for a AWD Mach-E (extended range either in Premium or California trim..) Curious for comparisons on how it drives, daily living (i.e...