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  1. VibeMotorsports

    Bagged Mach-E GT on Vossen HF-5 Wheels

    Vossen HF-5 in Gloss Black [email protected] 800.814.8423 Ext 107 Tag the owner:
  2. VibeMotorsports

    Customers Mach E Build | Team ViBE

    Hey everyone, Wanted to share these photos of our customers Mustang Mach E paired with HRE FF10's in Tarmac Owner: @bbrett Wheels: HRE FF10 Finish: Tarmac Specs: 22x9.5 ET35 Tires: Continental Tire Size: 265/35 22 Have questions? PM or Email: [email protected] Phone...

    Grabber Blue Ford Mustang Mach-E GT | Curva Concepts C46 [VIDEO]

    Curva Concepts C46 Main Line 20x9 +35mm Square Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Wheels The beautiful thing about the Mach-E chassis is that it accepts so many different wheel sizes, that setting up for any use-case is viable. We’ve done our due diligence, and we’ve nearly perfected the fitment on this...

    Ford Mustang Mach-E GT | Curva Concepts C300 | 20x8.5 Square

    Curva Concepts C300 Main Line 20x8.5 Square Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Wheels In the Mach-E GT’s infant stages, nobody really knew what kind of fitment this chassis would allow. Fast forward to today, and we (Curva Concepts) can confidently say we’ve nailed the fitment on this chassis, almost...
  5. Mach E Rear End Collision

    Well……I’ve had the Mach-E for a few months now and the universe says that we cannot have nice things! Dead stop and rear ended by a RAV4. Does anyone have any recent experience with parts ETA on the Mach-E? Looks like I’ll be needing the Trunk Shell, upper & lower bumper and a side fender. Why...
  6. New Jersey 2022 Shadow Black GT - 2000 miles

    Selling a 2022 Mach-e GT (non-performance edition) in Shadow Black. Only has 2000 miles on it, includes panoramic glass roof and Bluecruise, as well as all weather mats. Will be posting photos this week. Already received a 68k offer from Vroom.
  7. Smaller Wheel Range Impact

    I currently own a standard GT model and am wondering what sort of range increase I would see if I swapped out the 20” all seasons for 18-19” all seasons/winters. Has anyone done this yet with any significant range increase?
  8. GT Wheels For Sale

    Selling a stock set of GT (non-PE) wheels. Have about 200 miles on them. Asking $1k OBO. In NJ.
  9. Columbus Mach E GT

    Mach E Delivery Customer Service

    My recent experience in purchasing a new automobiles from Ford, specifically the Mach E GT has been the most disappointing that I have ever experienced. I have purchased more the 10 new cars in my life and this interaction has been like no other. After purchasing the car on April 16, 2022 that I...
  10. Mach-E GTPE?

    I’ve been going through the forums so much lately and I am finally on my way to test drive the one I have reserved, I’m still SO TORN between that or the model y performance. Looking for a mom car but also love speed. Any last minute advice? Anything helps!
  11. leeman

    Mustang MachE GT - Rats ate my front wireing harness

    Hi folks there's a number of areas were small rodents rats mice and other things can get up into the front bumper of MachE GT is is a public service announcement. Washington Post Rat article . We were on holiday...
  12. locks66

    If you ever get stuck in the guest profile, make a new profile then delete it

    So this is a random post to help others who may run into this issue, but my Mach e got stuck in the guest profile. Hitting either mine or my fiancés profile did nothing. Nor did the memory seat buttons. Left it like that for several days Easy way to fix it. Create a new profile and then delete...
  13. locks66

    Will 235 snow tires fit my GT? pros and cons of narrow tire?

    I have a standard GT and can't seem to find a definitive answer on width. I do not understand tires well. I love the Verdesteins Wintrac, but the stock wheel size of 245/45r20 are currently in low inventory and I can only get 3. I can go smaller width though. Will my GT fit those? I know being...
  14. MachEGTSY

    GT Build week of Oct 4

    I’ve my GT scheduled for production in the week of Oct 4 with no further change in status. My dealer mentioned Trims are getting installed. Has anyone got ETA for their delivery with Oct 4 week production date?
  15. leeman

    My personal experience while ordering my Mach E GT

    First the good news the vehicle has arrived at the dealer. I believe it arrived Friday, October 1. I will get to that in a little bit. I wanted to go over my personal experience because a couple of things along the way changed through the process and expressed some of my concerns about how Ford...