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  1. VibeMotorsports

    Bagged Mach-E GT on Vossen HF-5 Wheels

    Vossen HF-5 in Gloss Black [email protected] 800.814.8423 Ext 107 Tag the owner:
  2. Neopifex

    From a '68 to a '23: New Mach-E Premium Owner

    Hi! I bought a '23 MME Premium this past New Year's Eve. A fellow Mach-E owner recommended this forum, and it's already been useful to me as a lurker. My Mach-E was a special order that had been sitting on the dealer's lot since at least last summer. It's got a standard battery and RWD, but it...
  3. VibeMotorsports

    Customers Mach E Build | Team ViBE

    Hey everyone, Wanted to share these photos of our customers Mustang Mach E paired with HRE FF10's in Tarmac Owner: @bbrett Wheels: HRE FF10 Finish: Tarmac Specs: 22x9.5 ET35 Tires: Continental Tire Size: 265/35 22 Have questions? PM or Email: [email protected] Phone...
  4. SVRAustin

    Feature your Mustang Mach E in Ford's Very Own Special Vehicle Registry

    Mustang enthusiasts, listen up! Are you looking for a way to showcase your beloved ride across the United States? Look no further than the Ford Special Vehicle Registry This unique opportunity allows you to create a personal profile for your Mustang, sharing...
  5. VibeMotorsports

    Massive Discount on HRE FF10 FF11 Mustang Mach E Fitment, Limited Stock - Vibe Motorsports

    Massive Discount on HRE FF10 FF11 Mustang Mach E Fitment, Limited Stock - Vibe Motorsports Long a market leader in forged wheels, HRE offers its FlowForm® line of wheels featuring iconic styling and a level of quality embodied by the HRE brand, all at an accessible price point. This cast flow...
  6. Less Than 1K Miles Value TANKED broken Odometer.

    I purchased a vehicle was sold with an undisclosed inaccurate faulty odometer statement. It seems it was a manufacturer delivered it to the dealership with a broken odometer. I was delivered the vehicle to my home 48 miles from the dealership. The Odometer never read past 10.8 Miles unless in...
  7. Dealership has Mach E GT as rental.

    My dealership got several mustang mach e gt cars as rentals. They are for people who already own a mach e (as far as I know). If your car is getting warranty work the rental is usually free, otherwise, when your car is getting serviced you can pay for a rental car. I thought it was interesting...
  8. itsjesska

    Powertrain Malfunction / Reduced Power

    2021 Select - Bought the car in March. I’ve had this “powertrain malfunction/reduced power” alert pop up several times. When I drove the car off the lot (private dealer), a full charge to 100% put my range at 234 miles. Once this notice came up, the range significantly decreased. My most...
  9. MacheCA22

    Not receiving OTA updates since Nov 22 on Mach e 22 premium with extended version

    The last OTA I received on my Mach e 22 premium was in last Nov version 3.6.1. Since then I see that a good number of versions are released. I have not received any of those. Is any one else having this issue? Is my 22 Mach e premium not eligible to get any more updates. Thanks
  10. laxwiz

    Accessories suggestions for Mustang Mach-E Premium AWD?

    Just need to get some accessories. Any suggestions?
  11. Price of ECUs for Ford Mustang Mach-E?

    Hello people, Does anybody know how much the ECUs cost for this vehicle? Or where I could find information about them, to buy from the OEM? I'm interested in those that has the parking, autopilot and all the other functions. If someone has a part number, or could show me a picture I'd really...
  12. 500 mile trip from Nebraska to Wisconsin

    Recorded and uploaded part 2 of my road trip (1000 miles round trip). On the way back I faced a number of EA stations that weren’t working, as well as charging in near or below freezing temperatures. Outside of the main cities in Iowa (bulk of driving spent in this state), the charging...
  13. New Jersey OEM All Weather Mats

    Have an extra set of brand new, unused, OEM all weather mats. Asking $120 ($185 MSRP, $152 plus tax/shipping from levittownfordparts).
  14. Almost ran out of battery at EA station

    I thought I would share my video documenting my latest charging experience at an EA station. Let me know your thoughts.
  15. Bayviews88

    Following the rules…

    When I owned a Chevrolet Volt, there was an unwritten rule that if you saw another Volt, you would park next to each to show solidarity. Today is the first time I have been able to replicate this practice with my MachE! My Select is on the right, the Premium is in the left.
  16. Mach E Rear End Collision

    Well……I’ve had the Mach-E for a few months now and the universe says that we cannot have nice things! Dead stop and rear ended by a RAV4. Does anyone have any recent experience with parts ETA on the Mach-E? Looks like I’ll be needing the Trunk Shell, upper & lower bumper and a side fender. Why...
  17. Mach-E purchase after Inflation Reduction Act - Questions

    I plan to buy Mach-E while due to the recent Inflation Reduction Act, there are several changes in the EV purchases and tax credits (I have Kia Niro EV 2020 and plan to trade-in). I initially planned to buy Kia EV6 but it disqualified from the EV tax credit and the remained options are Mach-E...
  18. New Jersey 2022 Shadow Black GT - 2000 miles

    Selling a 2022 Mach-e GT (non-performance edition) in Shadow Black. Only has 2000 miles on it, includes panoramic glass roof and Bluecruise, as well as all weather mats. Will be posting photos this week. Already received a 68k offer from Vroom.
  19. Smaller Wheel Range Impact

    I currently own a standard GT model and am wondering what sort of range increase I would see if I swapped out the 20” all seasons for 18-19” all seasons/winters. Has anyone done this yet with any significant range increase?
  20. GT Wheels For Sale

    Selling a stock set of GT (non-PE) wheels. Have about 200 miles on them. Asking $1k OBO. In NJ.