1. GreaseMonkey

    Mach-E flawlessly circles Lake Michigan w/ 2 tweens & a puppy

    This summer, my wife and I planned to spend some time in Northern Michigan with our 2 tweens and our 6-month old mini schnauzer. We found a house on Airbnb in a heavily wooded area that has an EVSE. Then it dawned on us that while we’ve been talking about “circling the lake” for years (yes, it’s...
  2. debsahu

    Michigan Tax Credit (proposed): $2000 for new EV + $500 for in-home EVSE

    The news is from Jan'22, but there might be a Michigan EV tax credit coming. The PROPOSAL is $2000 for new EV purchase in addition to $7500 federal tax credit and what has already been present the $500 in-home EVSE. Source: https://www.michigan.gov/whitmer/0,9309,7-387-90499-576362--,00.html
  3. BadgerGreg

    National Drive Electric Week (Livonia, MI) - Anyone planning to attend?

    The upcoming National Drive Electric Week has events all over the country...I live in Metro Detroit and just signed up for the event this Saturday morning in Livonia (Schoolcraft College). National Drive Electric Week • National Drive Electric Week - Livonia, Michigan • Livonia, MI • Sep 25...