1. May 2021 sales numbers for Mach-E: 6,845 Produced and 1,945 Sold in US

    May 2021 Mach-E sales: 1,945 YTD Mach-E Sales: 10,510 6,845 Mustang Mach-E produced in May - the highest month yet. 1,945 Mustang Mach-E sold in US in May. Europe, Canada, and rest of world May sales not included in this release...
  2. Dealer changed order not showing up in my account

    I reserved a California RT 1 back on November 18, 2019. I ordered the car on June 28, 2020. I contacted the dealer to change the car to a Premium RWD Extended Range on August 5, 2020. The dealer emailed me a form showing a completed order for a Premium RWD Extended Range. My account...