road trip

  1. NJDevFan30

    2000 Mile Road Trip: Charging and Efficiency of the Mach-E

    We had a road trip planned and happened to take delivery of our extended range, RWD MME 2 weeks beforehand. Now or never... we dove head first and packed up the car, our 4 year old daughter, 2 year old son, and dog and headed from NJ to St. Louis. For those who like to delve into the data and...
  2. machwee

    Long road trips in my Mach-e, standard battery success stories and lessons learned

    It's been doing a lot of traveling the last couple of months. I have over 5K miles on it already. I have a standard battery. We've found changing at 20% is the most efficient and route plan accordingly. We can go about 2.5-3 hrs, down to about 20% (sometimes a little less) take a bathroom...