1. horsiedad

    First multi-state trip in my MME FE

    Took my first long-distance trip in my MME FE from Georgia to North Carolina. I used Ford navigation. A few thoughts/comments/observations/questions: I planned the trip using the Ford nav system. It automatically added DC chargers along the route. It was a viable route and seemed to space out...
  2. MJMachForum

    Mach-E Road Trip: Seattle to Los Angeles and Back - Experience, Data, Impressions

    Start date\mileage: 04-24\789 End date\mileage: 05-27\5803 Please excuse the verboseness of this post and feel free to skip down to the end to see my conclusions and perceptions of the vehicle. Figured since I have the ability to work from anywhere I’d do a road trip and test out my range...
  3. Pcspilot

    Road Trip Milwaukee-St Paul

    First road trip with MachE. ”Autopilot” excellent even with rain with some pretty sketchy lane markings. Really took some of the burden out of the trip. Charging info - There is a free charger at Alliant Energy headquarters near Madison. It’s on the Greenlots network but didn’t “just work”...