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  1. Inadvertently Poached Pre-Order bound to happen SEOUL, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Hyundai Motor Co will recall 26,699 electric vehicles including Kona EVs in South Korea due to potential fire risks, South Korea’s transport ministry said on Wednesday. Maybe you...
  2. Hyundai to recall & replace over 80K batteries

    LG batteries are used in MME Concerns me since my car will be garaged!
  3. Dealer listing my MME

    Is it common for the dealer to list your reservation for sale? My SWFL dealer has my reservation listed for sale on the web site?
  4. Hardwire Radar Detector

    That is a key or you have unplug the cord at the detector.
  5. Hello Florida Group!

    Ditto awd 🥴
  6. Hardwire Radar Detector

    I tapped into the mirror power and so far I see no difference in dash v mirror mount.
  7. Hardwire Radar Detector

    I use Blend mounts for my rx 350 and Nx 300h for a Mach E I have not been paid or have any interest in the company

    Where is that thread that Asks "What would make you cancel you order?" Geez Louise
  9. Best way to remove dealer "Sticker"/ badge?

    Superzilla spray it on wait lift it off and microfiber the rest off.
  10. Hello Florida Group!

    Mine just shipped no eta 😢 Whats the over under to Naples? 6 pm eastern. ship to my dealer.estimated 3/11-14 Set up the Ford option plan!!!
  11. Android Will Power Ford Vehicle Navigation Starting in 2023

    I would imagine Ford is getting paid to have google on their cars. Google looks at cars as another device and mine all the data it can from you. Remember that thread about what will make you change your mind about purchasing a MachE....... well this may be it for me. Google is evil in my book by...
  12. Florida getting build dates now?

    Got my date 12 17 premium awd ex star white light interior my vin was given to me by tamiami Ford