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    Since March Madness is almost here... OTA March Madness, Over/Under

    Price is Right rules dictate that because you said March 15th that I have to say March 16th.
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    Horrible Experience at Ford Dealer- Is Tesla’s Non-Dealer Model Better?

    That's news to me. The X-Plan people would be the one's to know if the FE qualified or not. Doesn't make sense to me since the FE is just a Premium with an extra package (301A instead of 300A) on top of it. FE does not have it's own trim designation in the VIN decoder. I don't see why it...
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    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    Turn off the lane keeping. That should do it.
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    Strange Blue bar while using NAV

    Agree. That bar is the collision assist. I have the bar turned off in the settings.
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    Ford Options in Northern Virginia?

    I don’t know why the dealer wouldn’t apply the rebates that you qualify for. It’s free money from Ford.
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    Ford Options in Northern Virginia?

    Like @KAustin said the best way for you to find the program is to build a new vehicle on the Ford site and select the dealer that is closest to your residence (even if that's not the dealer you are actually going through).
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    For new owners: is it worth it?

    Is it worth it, yes. Would I have waited, no. My car was an early-ish build too (Dec 17th, 2020) actually built a week before @ChasingCoral's car. I've had it almost a month now with 1,270 miles on it with no mechanical/battery issues. I'm not trying to minimize those that have had issues...
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    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    The only qualifications for the $2500 Ford Options bonus cash (assuming you live in a state that offers Options) is that you live in a zip code that qualifies for $2500 instead of $1000 bonus and that you do a Ford Options contract. You are correct that Ford Options is a retail installment...
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    "Ford Options" Mach-E Lease vs standard lease - similarities and differences

    @buffasnow Yes, Ford Options is a simple interest loan, it's not pre-computed interest like a lease. Daily interest is charged on the principal balance (which includes the balloon) from day 1 until the entire principal balance is zero. You could pay down the principal balance early so that it...
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    ADMs might be out of control? $2.8M for a Mach-E. Call Pierre Ford before it's gone!

    I doubt it will have any impact in the short term. The incentives are currently available through March, so we’ll see what happens in April. Incentives usually get better as the year goes on, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small improvement in April.
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    One Pedal Driving (Adjusting Brakes/Regen?)

    The 1PD takes a bit of practice. Soon you'll learn to slowly let off the accelerator. It's not meant to be full accelerator directly to fully off the accelerator. You need to slowly release the pedal to gently slow the car down at the desired location. Slowly modulate off of the accelerator...
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    ADMs might be out of control? $2.8M for a Mach-E. Call Pierre Ford before it's gone!

    Sorry the 0.9% rate has a $2,500,000 max so you’ll need to put some money down 🤪. As long as you don’t remove the gold bars from the frunk then it should hold the residual value just fine. Maybe even appreciate in value. 😂
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    I'm going to pick up my MME tomorrow

    What other's have said is correct. The X-Plan price is on the invoice. If you are doing X-Plan pricing I believe that there is a disclosure document to sign (there is for A plan anyways) and I believe the dealer is required to show you the invoice.
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    Submit Your FordPass App Feedback to Ford

    Mine finally cleared up.
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    Thread for Mach Es w/o any problems :)

    About 2.5 to 2.7. I’m not really trying to get max range out of it. This was a short trip in a light snowstorm, so slower speeds but also cold and slippery.