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    BlueCruise going out OTA to regular plebs (non-EA owners)!

    I’ll believe it when I see it 🤷‍♂️ looking forward to the day I join the club.
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    Battery Slider & knob controlled temperature and fan speed previewed in new Ford video!

    I think there is room for heat & Ac on the main screen, or have them switch depending on ambient temp. Camera easily accessible too. Found out yesterday that one of the neighbors a few houses down from where I recently moved is working as a consultant for Ford on electrics. I had to ask since a...
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    Battery Slider & knob controlled temperature and fan speed previewed in new Ford video!

    So maybe 2023, 2024, any guesses when I might see this update in MY vehicle? :D I do like this tease though, something to look forward to.
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    Frunk button

    Yeah, oddly enough I was attaching my new, proper MME logoed fob to my profile when I discovered the working frunk button. Too bad they didn’t bestow these new fobs with the button. I should have known something was up as I was able to close the frunk just by a moderate throwing down, something...
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    Frunk button

    Okay, so the dealer didn’t get BC to work, nor lane centering at my Halloween service, but what a treat I found today- the electronic frunk latch opens from the screen now!!! Now I just need to have the button show up on the app (but that door combo press should be most useful.) I’m kinda like...
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    Didn't receive BlueCruise OTA update yet (18 month) to date!!

    Not only sw screwups, but body damage happens too (as in my case.) Part of the early adopter club without BC- although the dealer had multiple service visits to get it going in my case.
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    YouTube Streaming Finally Appears in Software !

    I'm assuming Ford said video streaming as opposed to YouTube because we can or will be able to stream any number of video services from the phone to the car display, or more apps are coming?
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    Updates for new MachE

    💯 They can come in rapid succession, or like months in between.
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    What level 2 charger is everyone purchasing for home use?

    I got a Clipper Creek 30/24 amp plug in because the home I purchased only had a 30 amp outlet in the garage. It was pricey at $500, but a solid piece of kit that hasn't given me any problems. The Grizzl-e would have been my other choice.
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    2022 SEMA: Mach-E Build "True Mustang Persona" by Tucci Hot Rods

    They should work on adding a little muscle to the premium and lower models.
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    Do I have BLUECRUISE?? Can someone help?

    Another early job 1 customer that doesn’t have BC- but not only have I waited for the OTA that never came, but it’s been to the dealer at least 3 times to get this resolved. All I’ve gotten for this hassle is a disabled lane keeping system that said dealer’s techs keep telling me works but...
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    PPF, vinyl wraps and accessories from TWRAPS

    It would be great to get in gloss black as a fix for those of us with a bad finish from transport.
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    New Power-Up -

    Just when I was having serious envy for the people getting updates, I skipped to page 9 and came back to just wanting something newer than last June 😉 maybe I’ll be in for a nice surprise now that it’s been tweaked by the dealer again, although they still can’t get BC to work 🙄 but this time...
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    JD Power: MME "Least Reliable New Car"

    Yeah, my contractors failed just before the new part came out, luckily there was enough of a delay (5 weeks in the shop) that I received the new version. Just got my vehicle back from service today, they corrected the hands-free tailgate failure, applied the BECM update and gave me a second key...