1. ChargePoint announces reorganization, layoffs

    I was looking for info on why FordPass isn’t detecting my vehicle is charging, when I happened across this:
  2. GreaseMonkey

    Mach-E flawlessly circles Lake Michigan w/ 2 tweens & a puppy

    This summer, my wife and I planned to spend some time in Northern Michigan with our 2 tweens and our 6-month old mini schnauzer. We found a house on Airbnb in a heavily wooded area that has an EVSE. Then it dawned on us that while we’ve been talking about “circling the lake” for years (yes, it’s...
  3. DadzBoyz

    L2 Wall Chargers - Which 48 Amp + WiFi Charger (Sept 2022)

    Yes. It has been asked. Yes. I searched the forums. Yes. There is a thread (or 20) on L2 Chargers. Most are extremely long and old, so there is nothing consistent and easily digested about what's currently available. Most discuss chargers from when the thread started, so there's not much...
  4. jgillmer

    Which charging networks are worth paid plan?

    I have owned my MME GT since Halloween 2021. I am close to using the last of the EA credits (500 to start - down to 49). I travel largely in the mid-atlantic states of PA, DE, MD, DC, and VA, and it seems EA and EVGo are the most frequent DCFG networks, and Chargepoint, Volta, Sema-connect, and...
  5. UnforAll

    Volvo-branded, ChargePoint DC fast chargers coming, from Denver to Seattle

    FYIW. This Volvo news release is from last month, but it was part of a ChargePoint newsletter today. Potential good news for those traveling the Denver to Seattle route. Volvo Cars explores electric vehicle charging network at U.S. Starbucks stores "Volvo Car USA will install as many as 60...
  6. connoisseurr

    My ChargePoint Home Flex Installed

    I’ll treat this thread like I would to show off a PC build… very satisfied how the cabling and install turned out. We’re undergoing a remodel on the ground floor of a townhouse so the entire ceiling is down. Took advantage of that to run a 70A circuit from the garage to the main breaker panel -...
  7. horsiedad

    First multi-state trip in my MME FE

    Took my first long-distance trip in my MME FE from Georgia to North Carolina. I used Ford navigation. A few thoughts/comments/observations/questions: I planned the trip using the Ford nav system. It automatically added DC chargers along the route. It was a viable route and seemed to space out...