1. GreaseMonkey

    Mach-E flawlessly circles Lake Michigan w/ 2 tweens & a puppy

    This summer, my wife and I planned to spend some time in Northern Michigan with our 2 tweens and our 6-month old mini schnauzer. We found a house on Airbnb in a heavily wooded area that has an EVSE. Then it dawned on us that while we’ve been talking about “circling the lake” for years (yes, it’s...
  2. Adding chargers at convenience store/gas stations?

    One of the complaints from BEV drivers is the lack of amenities at charger stations. Most seem to be installed in shopping center parking lots without easy access to amenities like trash cans, toilets, food and drink, and security. Amenities that are expected at most convenience store/gas...
  3. Its_my_wifes_car

    Drive-away warning or prevention when charging?

    Future 2022 Premium AWD Extended Range “it’s my wife’s car” - (ordered 3 weeks ago): These forums are great but one question I’ve been wondering about and haven’t seen posted or answered…. Is there any safety mechanism or warning that prevents an individual from driving the car away while it’s...