1. MJMachForum

    Mach-E Road Trip: Seattle to Los Angeles and Back - Experience, Data, Impressions

    Start date\mileage: 04-24\789 End date\mileage: 05-27\5803 Please excuse the verboseness of this post and feel free to skip down to the end to see my conclusions and perceptions of the vehicle. Figured since I have the ability to work from anywhere I’d do a road trip and test out my range...
  2. gnaark

    Fast Charging at Electrify America: Lessons learned

    Hey guys, I just completed a mini road trip from Dallas to Austin (483 miles at 3.3 mi/kWh) and I did run into some issues at EA while fast charging. We did lose a lot of time with avoidable mistakes so I figured I'd share those and maybe that could help someone. Don't trust the sticker on the...