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  1. Mach-E customer order bank will open June 26!

    I also have a reservation for a GT and have not received this latest e-mail.
  2. Mach-E HP vs torque question

    The missing component that explains everything could be a "DC/DC boost converter, used in some EVs in situations in which the vehicle needs to trade torque for horsepower, such as during hard acceleration at highway speeds"
  3. Forbes Article Surveys Buyers: Mach-E Mustang or Tesla Model Y

    You are correct. I clicked over to long range AWD assuming the default selection was a standard range like with the model 3.
  4. Forbes Article Surveys Buyers: Mach-E Mustang or Tesla Model Y

    That comparison chart is not correct. The actual purchase price of the model Y long range RWD is $52,000. The $48,000 quoted in the chart is Tesla's price after "potential incentives and gas savings". They did not do an apples to apples comparison so it was lazy reporting or bias.
  5. Mach-E GT vs Premium

    I'm glad it isn't sitting all jacked up. It is supposed to be a sporty crossover so it needs to sit low. I will actually look to decrease the tire to fender clearance another inch from the GT photos when I receive mine.
  6. SHADOW BLACK Mach-E Club

    I bet those are the base GT wheels and the performance pack will swap the wheels to those from the grabber blue GT at the launch show.
  7. Mach-E GT vs Premium

    At the GT trim level I wonder which of those will be standard though.
  8. Is Ford Sandbagging the Mach-E's Performance Specs?

    Ford doesn't make the performance pack 2 with an auto transmission...
  9. Mach-E GT vs Premium

    Th performance package will probably include magneride, the wheels shown on the grabber blue GT from the launch show, and a few other minor tid bits. I am assuming those wheels are wider than the premiums which is what adds slightly to the turning radius. I really think it won't be more than $4-5k.
  10. Updated: Black Mach-E Spotted in Florida (Exterior and Interior Closeups)

    I really hope Ford realizes how bad that little door handle is and removes it from the production model. I would much rather there be no exterior handle just like the rear doors.
  11. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    I reserved mine with a dealer nearly two hours away and will literally pass 5 other Ford dealers on the way there. I also bought my F150 at this dealer as they are a volume dealer not a meat market dealer.
  12. Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    That is unfortunate on the explorer. If it had a 302 in it the engine issued could have been easily fixed for a small fraction of that. My 92 GT 5.0 had 132k miles on it before a slight rear main seal leak. I beat the crap out of that car so it was impressive. At that point I built the 347...
  13. Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    1993 Mustang LX 4cyl 5-speed (what I learned to drive with) 1992 Mustang GT - 347 stroker short block, trickflow twisted wedge heads, edelbrock rpm intake manifold, Tremec TKO600 5-speed trans, built rear end with 31 spline axles and c clip eliminators, etc, etc, etc... 2012 Mustang GT 6-speed...